A different take on our congressional delegation

Several recent letters praised local area congressmen Lauren Underwood, Sean Casten, Raja Krishnamoorthi and Brad Schneider.

Let's look at what these four Democrats have worked for and what their party has stood for over the last 18 months. They spent over a year chasing a now proven false Russian conspiracy charge against the president and impeached him. Leaders of their party have called for abolishing ICE and Homeland Security, open border to Mexico, (COVID-9 Pandemic proved how dumb that would be.) voting by mail, (Over a million mail-in ballots were lost in the recent Maryland primary.) and now defunding police forces. Sleepy Joe Biden wants cops with no guns, (Ask Joe to have his security detail give up their guns; after all, has a former Vice President ever been attacked?)

Lauren Underwood regularly caucuses with these other radical congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rasida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Reps. Schneider, Krishnamoorthi and Casten have never condemned these radicals nationally for their hate speech against Jews. Why not? Do these four congresspeople represent who we are? No, they do not, they do "toe the line" as to what Speaker Pelosi tells them to and that is not representing their respective districts.

C.W. Hays

Lake Forest

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