Mundelein to allow restaurant patrons to bring their own wine

Just in time for Christmas gatherings, Mundelein restaurateurs soon will be able to let patrons bring their own wine to enjoy during meals.

The village board has amended local liquor rules to allow bring-your-own-bottle service at restaurants that have liquor licenses. The policy change becomes effective Dec. 20.

The change also applies to bars that don't serve food, but none operate in Mundelein.

Proponents hope the new policy will boost business at local eateries. But there are several limitations.

For example, patrons are limited to one commercially manufactured bottle of wine per person.

Additionally, the wine must be opened and served by employees who've received state alcohol training.

Patrons are forbidden from bringing other types of alcoholic beverages to restaurants.

Restaurant or bar owners won't have to allow bring-your-own-bottle service. Those that do can charge patrons corkage fees, officials said.

Rather than creating a new type of liquor license for the service, officials added a bring-your-own-bottle provision to four types of existing licenses.

There will be no additional license fee for interested business owners, as long as they already have qualifying liquor licenses.

The village board unanimously approved the change Monday. Police Chief Eric Guenther suggested village leaders create and distribute an instructional sheet for local restaurant and bar owners informing them of the change and the rules.

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