What local experts would do to improve the meeting space

Larger, open office meeting areas can be considered collaboration areas, said Mike Warren, workplace culture consultant for Rieke Office interiors of Elgin.

At Ahlbeck & Company, an accounting firm in Des Plaines, he suggests utilizing standing tables. Perhaps a table with color would help brighten up the area.

He added that using less standing type stools instead of everyone assigned task chairs around a table would allow people to stand at meetings which would ultimately increase blood flow and creativity.

In addition, lighting would also have to be addressed as well as paint colors.

"These open meeting areas allow for abundant natural light," Warren added.

Using unique shapes and materials to make the space inviting and inspirational would also be addressed at Ahlbeck.

Warren agrees that the meeting space or conference room often leaves a lasting first impression on potential clients. The furniture at Ahlbeck would also have to be replaced. A larger table is essential. And presentation technology to promote communication, both within the office and with customers, would be essential to making the room more useful.

Rieke Office Interiors in Elgin

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