Vote to eliminate Wheeling Twp. road commissioner

Q: How much does it cost to spend your money on 5.4 miles of road in Wheeling Township? Answer: $91,300.

Q: How much longer do you need to pay for this expense? Answer: No more!

The voters have a great choice to make this election for Wheeling Township. We get to choose to reduce government, pensions and administrative costs. The Wheeling Township board has had the wisdom to put to our vote on Nov. 8 a referendum to eliminate the Highway Commissioner and department to save us administrative costs on 5.4 miles of road.

Total costs to manage your money today for 5.4 miles of road: $91,300 in salaries (not including pension liabilities). That's right: $16,907.40 per mile to spend our money.

Wheeling Township doesn't own a plow truck, garage, and they don't actually do the road work to fix potholes and damages themselves. All of this work is outsourced regardless, and I see no reason why we can't create an intergovernmental agreement with the amazing municipalities within Wheeling Township, or directly outsource this work.

With all the craziness going on this election season, its wonderful to have a township board that is bringing some realistic solutions back to us that will save us money.

Jeff Battinus

Buffalo Grove

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