What Stan Mikita's children hold dear

Rabid fans of sports teams such as the Chicago Blackhawks will do just about anything to get their hands on memorabilia from their favorite players.

But if that player is your dad, the significance of signed sticks, pucks or jerseys is next to nil.

So what is it from Stan Mikita, now suffering from dementia, that his kids hold dear?

Daughter Meg and son Scott said they cherish watches their dad owned from the 1960s.

In Meg's case, she found one that Stan wore when she was young. It doesn't work anymore, but she wears it as a bracelet.

Scott owns a watch that was given to Stan by the Blackhawks in 1966. Stan gave it to his father-in-law, who wore it every day for more than 30 years. Scott inherited it 7 or 8 years ago.

"So I have this thing that not only was my dad's that he got the year I was born, that has the Blackhawks connection, but (also) belonged to my grandfather who I loved for years and years and years," Scott said. "It works great. Keeps great time. That's the one thing I'd say I'm really glad that I have."

Son Chris is content with the memories of being taken to All-Star games in Boston and Vancouver, as well as all those times on the Chicago Stadium ice before the Hawks would begin practice. "It always seemed like he wanted me around," Chris said of his dad.

Daughter Jane, tears in her eyes, said she wishes for something her entire family would want: "I would want one weekend with my dad and my kids. Just for them. They loved him ... loved him."

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Images: Moments from Stan Mikita's family album

Meg Mikita dances with her father Stan during a family party. COURTESY OF MIKITA FAMILY
Jane Gneiser Mikita with her dad Stan Mikita on Jane's wedding day, Sept. 2001 COURTESY OF MIKITA FAMILY
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