Imrem: Things get real for Bears with NFL schedule release

That “uh-oh” moment came for the Bears this week.

Previously, new general manager Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox were playing Fantasy Football.

Put together a roster. Sign this guy. Trade that guy. Take a flyer on a player with a dubious domestic life. Compile a mock draft.

Fox collected a staff of assistant coaches. A transition on defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4 was begun. A transition on offense from the old Jay Cutler to a new Jay Cutler was begun.

This was fun stuff.

Then a couple days ago the NFL released the 2015 regular-season schedule that oddly enough included the Bears.

It wouldn't have been surprising to hear screams of, “You mean we have to play games, too?” coming from Halas Hall.

Yes, fellas, you have to play games too, starting with an opener against the Packers in Soldier Field on Sept. 13.

Well, just be grateful that this 13th falls on a Sunday rather than a Friday.

Fashionable at this time of the year is to break down the schedule game by game and guess how the Bears will do.

Predictions in April are ludicrous because it remains to be seen whether the Bears will trade for Joe Montana, re-sign Dick Butkus or draft Mean Joe Greene.

We're talking about an exercise in futility ... so let's get futile.

Sept. 13 — Bears 31, Packers 6: Aaron Rodgers wisely chooses to stay snuggled up at home in Green Bay with girlfriend Olivia Munn.

Sept. 20 — Bears 31, Cardinals 6: The Cardinals still are the Cardinals and still what we always think they are.

Sept. 27 — Bears 31, Seahawks 6: Marshawn Lynch disrupts Seattle's karma by cooperating with the media.

Oct. 4 — Bears 31, Raiders 6: The Bears try to give away the game to relieve the pressure of perfection but the Raiders refuse to accept.

Oct. 11 — Chiefs 31, Bears 6: Bears try to lose this one, too, and the Chiefs decide to take them up on their generosity.

Oct. 18 — Bears 31, Lions 6: Cameras catch Jay Cutler smiling for a change after being told Ndamukong Suh escaped Detroit.

Oct. 25 — Bears 31, Bye Week 6.

Nov. 1 — Bears 31, Vikings 6: Adrian Peterson ejected after a switch is found up his sleeve during a stop and search by game officials.

Nov. 9 — Bears 31, Chargers 6: Television ratings for this matchup are lowest ever for “Monday Night Football.”

Nov. 15 — Bears 31, Rams 6: St. Louis is spanked in retribution for the baseball Cardinals edging out the Cubs in the NL Central.

Nov. 22 — Bears 31, Broncos 6: Peyton Manning starts slowly while trying to memorize his lines for a pizza commercial.

Nov. 26: — Bears 31, Packers 6: Rodgers is ill after eating Munn's veggie turkey at Thanksgiving brunch.

Dec. 6: Bears 31, 49ers 6: Ray McDonald sends Jim Harbaugh a thank-you note for not being in the NFL anymore.

Dec. 13: Bears 31, uh, Washington 6: Animal -rights groups outside of Soldier Field protest use of the name “Bears.”

Dec. 20 — Bears 31, Vikings 6: Visitors arrive late after first going to site of the old Metrodome.

Dec. 27 — Bears 31, Buccaneers 6: Tampa Bay players decide not to win this one for Lovie the Gipper.

Jan. 3 — Lions 31, Bears 6: Only because a record of 14-2 is more realistic than 15-1.

So, yep, that's it, fans ... another April when the Bears enjoy a terrific NFL season.

Of course, this is the month every NFL team is at least 14-2.

But then there's September: Uh-oh.

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