Lietzow's intentions are alarming

Does Scott Lietzow have any clue what job he is running for? This weekend I received his latest mailing. It leaves the impression that, if elected Elk Grove Twp. Republican Committeeman, he would interject himself in local village elections.

He fails to recognize that these elections are non-partisan. A non-partisan candidate and officeholder is beholden to the citizens of the village we serve, not a political platform established by a party that has nothing to do with local governance.

As an individual he is welcome to constructively participate, although his failed attempt to do so in our last local elections demonstrated that his motivation is anything but constructive. As a Republican Committeeman his participation would be a serious violation of the non-partisan principle and totally inappropriate.

Elect a Republican Committeeman who knows that his job is to help elect Republican candidates in partisan elections. Elect Art Niewiardowski.

Arlene A. Juracek

Mount Prospect

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