Traffic camera fines not put to good use

The old saying of only time will tell could not be any more true than in Elk Grove Village.

Approximately five years ago (Mayor) Craig Johnson decided it was a good idea to allow a private company to steal from its residents in the name of safety. Two of the most blatant examples of this thievery are located at the I-290 on-ramp off of Biesterfield, which is not even an intersection, and the intersection of Route 83 and Higgins, which is a complicated intersection to say the least.

When I brought up my objections to Mr. Johnson five years ago, I was told that the camera on I-290 was to protect pedestrians and the camera at Higgins and 83 was always a dangerous intersection.

Well five years and millions of dollars later you should ask what has been done to truly improve safety?

Your answer is, absolutely nothing. They have not added a sidewalk near the I-290 ramp and the intersection at 72 and 83 is exactly the same as it was years prior.

Even the most biased traffic engineers will tell you that a well-designed intersection is safer than a red-light camera intersection. That is a proven fact that is not debated even from the camera companies.

So my question to you, Mr. Johnson, is where did you spend all of those millions you stole from hardworking Illinois taxpayers, because it is very clear that not one penny of those millions went to improve safety in any way.

Robert Garrett


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