Bears couldn’t make tough call on Tucker

While the Chicago Bears have decided to keep Mel Tucker as their defensive coordinator, and fire linebackers coach Tim Tibesar and defensive line coach Mike Phair, I think those two got the short end of the stick.

I remember a game in which chunks of yardage were being ripped off against the Bears defense, and one of my buddies, who is nicknamed “concrete head,” called me and said, “Boy this defense (stinks) — they have to get rid of Tucker.”

My response was not, “No way, let’s fire Mike Phair!”

Seriously, why does the manager of this defense — the worst in franchise history — stay?

I guess the Bears are like most businesses — the underlings get the boot when things don’t go right, not the head dog.

Look, it’s fine if you want to keep Tucker, but to get rid of the other two guys is like firing the flight attendants after a plane crashes.

I would have kept them all if I was Trestman, but I guess someone’s head had to roll.

Remember, Brian Urlacher retired, Lance Briggs was injured for a good part of the season and the other linebackers were just not that good.

When it comes to the defensive line, there’s Julius Peppers, who was more like an onlooker, making $16 million a year.

Sometimes the head coach has to make the tough call, and since Trestman couldn’t, the boss of the worst defensive unit in Bears’ history stays.

So get ready “concrete head,” we might have more of the same.

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