Island Lake mayoral candidates don't agree on many issues

Even though they're political foes, Island Lake Mayor Debbie Herrmann doesn't disagree with challenger Charles Amrich on every issue.

In a recent endorsement interview at the Daily Herald's Libertyville office, Herrmann was asked to name one thing on Amrich's political platform she supports. She said she sees eye to eye with Amrich when it comes to the need for local street repairs.

Amrich struggled to answer the question, eventually saying he likes the village's summertime concerts — gatherings that haven't been part the campaign debate thus far.

Voters will select Herrmann or Amrich as their next mayor on April 9.

Herrmann leads the United for Progress slate, while Amrich leads a team called For the People. Much mud already has been slung by the various candidates and their supporters.

The Daily Herald's question about the candidate's opposing platforms has become a common one in recent elections.

Amrich, the town's mayor from 1985 to 2005, answered first.

After a long pause, he said he couldn't think of anything “off the top of my head.” He then said he thought the concerts were a “nice touch.”

“That's the only think that I would like to see continue,” Amrich said.

When asked if there was any other local program he'd like to see continue, Amrich paused again and then responded, “Yeah, I guess that's about it.”

When it was her turn, Herrmann criticized the For the People platform for having what she called a “negative tone.” Amrich and his allies have been largely critical of Herrmann's tenure.

Herrmann, who's seeking a second term, then said she agrees with the For the People's desire to resurface and better maintain Island Lake roads.

The quality of the roads is one of the key issues discussed on the For the People website,

Herrmann hopes retail sales tax revenue will increase in the years to come, and she wants to allocate some of those funds toward road improvements.

She cited Burnett Road and Hale Lane as two streets that particularly need work.

“That is an issue that concerns all of our residents, and (it's) one that we know we have to address,” Herrmann said.

The United for Progress slate's campaign platform can be viewed at

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