Spellman’s Scorecard: Theomania takes over Chicago

Let me get this straight:Some rumors have Theo Epstein coming to the Cubs in the role of president. That means he would hire and oversee a GM of his choice, while the new GM would keep an eye on the manager and the players.Hmm.Quick refresher course:This from Tom Ricketts in June:#147;I#146;ve never bought into the idea that I should have a baseball guy to watch my baseball guy and his baseball guys. Then what do you get #8212; a baseball guy to watch the baseball guy who#146;s watching your baseball guys?#148;Um:Exactly.Now get him signed and let#146;s see how it works out.BTW:Until Epstein is officially on board, I#146;m going to have images of the Dave McGinnis fiasco with the Bears running through my head.Just asking:Is there a professional football equivalent to Theo out there?Darn those Sox:First comes word that some Red Sox pitchers were enjoying beers and fried chicken in the clubhouse during games this season.Then White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski admits that, yeah, he#146;s had a #147;rally beer#148; on occasion during games as well.Question: Why in the world is alcohol available in the clubhouse before and during games?After the games? Heck yeah, open bar!OK, admit it:The best part of the Bears game Monday night was that commercial with Derrick Rose in the bullring.Oh, okaaaaaaaay:Brandon Kelly told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat he threw that hot dog at Tiger Woods because he was inspired by the movie #145;Drive.#146;#147;As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, #145;I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.#146;#148;Whew! So my desire to toss a three-bean salad at an elm tree after seeing #147;Captain America#148; wasn#146;t that unusual? Cool.What a relief:If reports are true, it looks like Theo Epstein will command $4 to $5 million per year, or in other words, John Grabow money.How weird is it?That the newest savior of the franchise commands less money than a fair-to-midland reliever? Sad but true:If the Bears, like Muhsin Muhammad famously said, are where wide receivers go to die, what does that make the Cubs when it comes to stars #8212; whether on field or in management?Famous Theos:Huxtable, Ratliff, Reggie Theo-us ... ok, forget it.Meanwhile:New White Sox manager Robin Ventura has about a 10-minute introductory news conference and then spends a day making the rounds at radio stations.Of course, everyone was busy talking about the Bears#146; debacle and Theo#146;s imminent hiring.Nice guy ... unfortunate timing.Missing Laddy:I know finances forced the Blackhawks#146; hand, but it still hurts not seeing Andrew Ladd in that Indian head sweater.How things have changed:#147;When we started we didn#146;t have anything to work with. We didn#146;t have any minor league background or any big-league team. At least you have a semblance of a big-league team (now) and a fairly established minor league system.#148;#8212; Dallas Green, former Cubs GM, on what the organization was like when he took over in the early #146;80s.Ÿ Mike Spellman#146;s Scorecard column appears Fridays in the Daily Herald.

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