A quick scramble for a long day

When my mom and I traveled to France recently, we loved shopping at the open market just up the “rue” from us. Each week we loaded up on fresh cheese, eggs, vegetables and, oh my goodness, the ham ...

But some nights when we arrived at our apartment after a long day of walking in the city, we were just too tired to dive into preparing a big meal. So we found ourselves desperate for dinner, but for new a reason: Our feet hurt too much to stand up long enough to cook. It was in that moment that today's recipe for Fresh Egg Scramble was born. Breakfast for dinner has long been a “Desperation” staple in my family, and being in Paris didn't change this comforting and quick solution.

You can mix up the scramble any way you want, depending on what you have in the refrigerator. The only secret is to thinly slice or chop the vegetables, and don't overcook them before adding the eggs.

Scramble the eggs for only a minute or two, even if they look a bit runnier than you prefer. The eggs will continue to cook for up to another minute after removal from the heat source, due to the residual heat in the pan. This trick ensures a perfectly soft scramble and not hard little balls of egg ... Bon appetit!

Suggested menu: Fresh Egg Scramble With Ham and Cheese with fresh fruit, baguette with jam and espresso (decaf if you're like me!).

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Fresh Egg Scramble with Ham and Cheese