Can Bears really be in market for receiver?

This would seem to be impossible.

There are rumors the Bears may get involved in the Plaxico Burress Derby.

There's talk as well that when the lockout ends, the Bears will pursue Santana Moss.

And let's not stop there. Other names mentioned in connection with the Bears are Roy Williams, Santonio Holmes, Sidney Rice and Braylon Edwards.

But it's simply not possible.

See, all those guys are receivers, and the Bears don't need any receivers.

We know this because while all of Chicago has screamed for help the last two years, begging the Bears to get Jay Cutler a No. 1 or even a No. 2 receiver, the Bears have told us this was nonsense. They had all the receivers they needed, and then some.

GM Jerry Angelo said he was very confident in the Bears' wide receiving corps.

Head coach Lovie Smith said he thought his group was as good as any in football.

Offensive coordinator Mike Martz said the Bears didn't need to upgrade and that the collection as a whole might have been as good and deep as any he had ever coached.

Of course, no sane Bears fan believed a word of it from Angelo, Smith or Martz, and Chicago has been waiting impatiently for something to change.

It didn't at the draft, but it might in free agency.

Depending on the new CBA rules, what players become free agents and where the cap falls, there is enough speculation out there now that it seems possible the Bears may finally do something at receiver to help their quarterback.

Let's hope that by the time they actually do it, they're not signing a player that's too old or has too little left in the tank.

Cutler can do without that kind of help.

Guillen drama

Move along. Nothing to see here. Same story, different year.

The White Sox didn't draft Ozney Guillen, and if they had, it wouldn't have been high enough for Ozzie. So rather than create even more trouble by trying to do the family a favor, the White Sox wisely passed.

Oney fires off an odd and racist tweet against the organization for taking a black player in the first round, and Kenny Williams brushes it off while Ozzie pretends not to care about any of it.

In the world of Guillen family bluster, this is about as good a result as can possibly be expected.

Just asking

Going forward, Ozzie Guillen and his sons must ask themselves this question: How much of their bizarre behavior in past years was a factor in not a single team wanting to draft Ozney, and perhaps wanting nothing to do with the aggravation that accompanies a Guillen?

Canucks hate

While it's easy to dislike Vancouver in Chicago, Blackhawks fans are hardly alone.

This was the headline in the Toronto Globe and Mail: “Canucks have become NHL's most-hated team.”

What followed was quite a testimony.

This was Edmonton defenseman Ryan Whitney on a Boston radio station: “This (Vancouver) team is so easy to hate it is unbelievable ... I'd say that 90 percent of the guys in the league want nothing to do with seeing them win.”

Dallas forward Krys Barch lashed out at Maxim Lapierre on Twitter: “I don't know if he has an ounce of man in him. I'd be embarrassed to be his father.”

And former Sens president Roy Mlakar said the only Canadians rooting for Vancouver reside in B.C., so at least the Canucks have that going for them, which is nice.

Reconnoiter the barn

Fans of the late, great “Deadwood'' would have enjoyed the ninth race at Arlington last Friday, when Sheriff Bullock took over the mile (turf) at 6 furlongs, fought off threats down the stretch and paid $8.20 to win with E.T. Baird aboard.

Owners Dan Considine and Stanley Frankel must be Deadwood fans, so while trainer Joan Scott obviously did a great job, it seems appropriate that opposing trainer Tom Swearingen should have been in on the deal.

(That's an obscure reference to Deadwood's Al Swearengen, Joan, no offense intended.)

Local Oval

Speaking of Arlington, Sunday will be Bears Day at the track, featuring the Bears coaching staff and autograph sessions with the likes of Steve McMichael, Jay Hilgenberg and Big Cat Williams, with football drills and activities for the kids in the park.

Fans can also walk (or run) through the inflatable helmet the Bears run through at Soldier Field.

For more info, visit

Just managing

Nice job by Cubs manager Mike Quade on Wednesday in shaking up the lineup. When things aren't going well, you try something else instead of doing the same thing, day after bloody day.

That's called managing.

Grudge report

Miami Herald's Greg Cote: “A Facebook page out of Cleveland for LeBron-haters is called ‘Cavs For Mavs.' That obsession with LeBron is getting a bit sad. Clevelanders are like a modern Flat Earth Society. Let it go, already!”

Best headline “Moron reportedly in running for Knicks GM job.''

And finally ...

Omaha World-Herald's Brad Dickson: “Plaxico Burress is talking with the Philadelphia Eagles. What better preparation for playing in front of Philly sports fans than two years in prison.''

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