Quotes from Santo's friends, colleagues

“Ronnie will forever be the heart and soul of Cubs fans. Our thoughts and prayers today are with his wife Vicki and their family and we share with fans across the globe in mourning the loss of our team's No. 1 fan and one of the greatest third basemen to ever play the game.” -- Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts
“He cared so much about this team... Ronnie was 100 percent Ron Santo on the air. Anyone who knew him personally knew that, that it was unfiltered. And there were times when he would say things you weren't supposed to say on the radio. That's what made him so loved.” -- Cubs TV announcer Len Kasper
“The broadcasts were so unvarnished, so pure, so much fun. The Cubs lost their biggest fan today.” -- Blackhawks president John McDonough, on WSCR radio
“We miss him. We all love him. It's a loss to the Cubs family.' -- former teammate Glenn Beckert on WGN TV
“It's just a great loss. I'm so sad to hear this. I thought he would live forever, strong as he was.” -- former teammate Billy Williams on WGN TV
“This guy was just an unbelievable guy. You’re never going to meet anybody in your lifetime ever like Ron Santo. He was without a doubt the toughest man I will ever meet in my life.Thom Brennaman, former radio broadcast partner on WMVP radio
“What needs to be done is he needs to go in the Hall of Fame. I think that's just a travesty that he's not in.” -- Former Cubs first baseman Mark Grace on WMVP radio
“Ron was such a wonderful person and friend. It is so unfortunate that he never became a Hall of Famer, as he should have long ago. It won't be the same for me when the Reds and Cubs play next season and in seasons to come.” -- Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman
“Everyone who was fortunate enough to meet Ron Santo met a man who cared about everything that was important in life.” -- Illinois governor Pat Quinn on WGN radio
“I never met anyone like him, I don't even know anybody close to being like him.” -- Pat Hughes, Daily Herald interview
“Ronnie loved life, and to me he's a great example of what you should be like. he loved his family, he loved life and he loved the game of baseball. He is truly a Cub.” -- Yankee manager and former Cubs catcher Joe Girardi on WGN radio
“Ronnie's entire life was dedicated to his wonderful family, the Chicago Cubs and their outstanding fans. On the field, Ronnie was one of the greatest competitors I've ever seen. Off the field, he was as generous as anyone you would want to know.” -- Former teammate Ernie Banks
“Ronnie, number 10, was and always will be a Chicago legend. He was a tough player, he wanted to play and contribute every day, and he never let any obstacles stand in his way. -- Former teammate Ferguson Jenkins