Can't silence foes of big government

The Mayor of Barrington Hills letter "It's about business, not about socialism" should have been titled "Shut your mouths, pay your taxes, how dare you question the wisdom of those of us working in government."

In his defense of an ever-expanding, intrusive government he conveniently ignores the problems that government causes. He assumes that because government gives us a program that it is automatically worthwhile, never does harm and runs as intended. For example, he cites Social Security and Medicare but ignores the fact that each program has trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities and that Social Security is now paying out more than it takes in.

How does he expect us to pay for the future benefits? Am I allowed to ask this question? Should I be concerned about a government health care plan given the government's track record? Or should I not worry and assume government knows best?

He speaks of jobs from the stimulus money. What has been stimulated? Is he not concerned that the president promised unemployment not to exceed 8 percent if we passed the additional $800 billion in deficit spending and a year later we have unemployment at 10 percent? Had that money been given back to the people in the form of a payroll tax holiday what effect would that have had on the economy? But that would have meant more freedom for the taxpayer and less power for government.

Finally, he says the country is built on the foundation of a working relationship between private enterprise and good government. Where was this working relationship when the health care bill was rammed down our throats with all the slimy, backroom deals? The only relationship is that government had all the input and private enterprise and citizens foot the bill.

John Vercillo

Elk Grove Village