Island Lake board demotes police chief, hires new cop boss

Decision comes after lengthy closed-door meeting

Interim Island Lake Police Chief Anthony Sciarrone was demoted back to sergeant late Thursday night after a long and occasionally heated closed-door village board meeting.

Sciarrone, who had been placed on paid administrative leave last month by Mayor Debbie Herrmann, was a "poor administrator and recordkeeper" who failed to make himself available to subordinate officers and failed to advise the mayor and board of liability issues, Herrmann said in a statement after the board's vote.

Three attorneys joined the board and Herrmann for the closed-door discussion, which began at 8 p.m. and continued until 10:45 p.m.

After voting on the demotion, the board went into a second closed-door meeting to discuss the potential appointment of a successor.

William McCorkle, of Wauconda, a lieutenant for the Great Lakes Police Department, was named the new chief.

As of 11:10 p.m., the board remained behind closed doors.

A published report this morning identified William McCorkle, of Wauconda, a lieutenant for the Great Lakes Police Department as the new chief.

Herrmann placed Sciarrone on leave and launched an investigation into his performance without consulting the board.

The investigation was completed by the village's legal firm.

Sciarrone was named interim police chief in March 2008 after Chief John Fellmann resigned.

Sciarrone previously had served as an officer and sergeant in the department.

Sciarrone had continued collecting an $85,738 annual salary while on leave.

Before the first closed-door meeting ended, Trustee John Ponio stormed out of the boardroom and refused to answer questions from the public or reporters.

When the board emerged, it voted 4-2 to demote the chief.

Herrmann and Trustees Donna O'Malley, Connie Mascillino and Don Verciglio voted "yes," while Trustees Laurie Rabattini and Don Saville opposed the move.

Seville left village hall shortly afterward and did not return for the second closed-door session.