Pointed comments, short and sweet

I will make my letter short and sweet.

First: Why don't banks and other convenience stores arm their employees and someone just plug thieves? That's why we have guns - to protect ourselves.

Second: Enough about Barack Obama! If John McCain won, would he be in the paper everyday for 10 days? I doubt it.

Third: A gentleman wrote and wondered why bad judges were retained in the election even after the Herald recommended not retaining them.

Well, I believe most people, myself included, don't vote for judges because we don't know anything about them and we don't want to give a good judge a "no" vote.

As far as the Herald telling us, I don't think that advice would be wise. After all the paper endorsed Obama. Anita Alvarez and Dick Durbin and look what they stood for. Anita doesn't even believe citizens should be able to defend their lives with a gun. How's that for a great endorsement?

Donald Bekeleski

Elk Grove Village

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