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posted: 12/14/2012 5:00 AM

Nativity display does not discriminate

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Quick response to Mr. Guagenti's shot at Mr. Finnegan's complaint to the village for not displaying the Nativity. He seems to imply the nativity is an affront to homosexuality? And that Mr. Finnegan espousing his "ultimate Christian" viewpoints about Christ discriminates. But closes his letter by saying Christ lives in the hearts of those who tolerate and promote peace, etc. ... Merry Christmas.

I do not see how the Nativity is an affront to homosexuality; in fact I see no connection between a nativity scene and homosexuality. Nor is a citizen sharing his views discrimination. And if you think so highly of Christ, why would you not want to see a celebration of his birthday during the Christmas season in our village?

A display of the nativity discriminates against no one, and is supported, in fact guaranteed by the First Amendment.

I do think the village is violating the spirit, the intent, and freedom of religion found in the First Amendment by denying the display of the nativity, and is acting in a very un-Christian way by ignoring Christ.

Harold Knudsen

Arlington Heights

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