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posted: 12/7/2012 5:00 AM

Village to blame for failure of parks ref

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I really wanted to vote for the parks referendum, and I'm sure many of my neighbors did, too.

I know the parks need new and improved facilities, and so do you, but here's the thing: The park district is paying the price for the village's extravagance.

Maybe we needed a new village hall, but we did not need the Taj Mahal. Probably we need a new police station, but does it have to cost $40 million?

The building at Hasbrook should be razed, it's so disgusting. Rec Park is not much better.

The people, and especially the kids, use the park facilities, which should be warm and safe, and not decrepit. All of this we all understand, and this is why we WANTED to vote for the parks referendum, but we don't have unlimited money to spend for government facilities.

I have only been to village hall twice in the many years I have lived in Arlington Heights, and the second time was just to see how in the world the village could have spent so many million dollars on a building.

I have only been in the police station once. The village's buildings are not of as much use to residents as the park buildings are.

If the village would ask us for money for these extravagances we would say no, but they don't ask us. So we say no where we can, and the parks, tragically, suffer.

Margaret Kaden

Arlington Heights

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