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posted: 10/19/2012 5:00 AM

We already told the park district 'no'

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It seems like we the people just fended off one obscene attempt by the park district to stick us with $48 million in completely unneeded buildings in March, and barely four months go by and they are at it again, this time with a $39 million bill, served up on their website to sound positive -- "Start again."

This board, by a recent vote of 3-2, blatantly ignored the will of the people by putting another referendum on the ballot on Nov 6. Let's remind the park district the majority -- i.e. the will of the people -- said, "No new construction and no more new taxes."

I sent an inquiry to the park district asking why the board is not respecting that very democratic result by trying again to slip through $39 million in new bonds in November. Mr. Scholten replied the need to build new buildings is "real," and "they want to do this in the most democratic way possible." Really? By ignoring the March referendum result?

The majority vote of the people, through referendum, decided "what is real" on spending and taxation. The people said no more new taxes and construction so that is what is "real." This board should mind the people, not their own agenda or perhaps what construction firms want.

How about the park district:

• Complete paying off the 2000 pools renovation debt in 2016

• Reduce our property taxes accordingly in 2017

• Maintain the parks status quo within their current $12 million annual budget.

• Learn to save for future projects not borrow and tax

• Serve the will of the majority (practice what you preach about democracy), don't disregard us.

Let's vote no to $39 mil more in property taxes.

Harold Knudsen

Arlington Heights

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