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posted: 12/10/2011 5:00 AM

The Soapbox

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The Daily Herald Editorial Board

Winter's onset:

Want some good news about the onset of winter? OK. Just a minute. It's coming. Uh ...

Less than an inch ...

. . . of snow. And the fifth-latest time in history for receiving a measurable amount. A pretty nice way to ease into things.

Oh, here's another:

When the snow flies, road construction crews often reopen lanes. Friday marked such a move on the widening of Butterfield Road from Naperville Road in Wheaton to near Route 59 in Warrenville. Drivers now have two lanes on Naperville approaching Butterfield after months of enduring just one.

Just stay away:

You can argue about the efficacy of booster shots all day. The simplest way to avoid getting whooping cough is to stay away from people who have it. The best way to avoid transmitting it is to stay away from everyone else. It might be inconvenient, but Grandma will understand if you can't make it to see her this Christmas.

What an image:

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich just has been sentenced to 14 years for corruption. His tear-stained wife is in the house with their distraught young daughters while the convict lingers outside to sign books. That image says it all. About Blagojevich. And about the citizens who fawn over him. Still.

Open government:

It might have been legal, but don't the residents of Bartlett deserve to have their acting village president chosen in a meeting all of them could witness rather than resorting to a closed session?

So long, farewell:

Dear No. 56: We hoped somehow you'd find a way to stay. We hoped you were as through with Ozzie as we are. Alas, it is not to be. So, so long. Thank you for your astounding and entertaining work. Thank you for never displaying that pro athlete arrogance. Thank you for the lasting memory of that perfect game in July. Farewell, Mark Buehrle.

Making it right:

Naperville Unit District 203 leaders may have botched the timing of the release of proposed boundary maps last week, but it's refreshing to see public officials admit they were flat-out wrong rather than try to put a spin on it. Now all can move forward on an important process.

Election surprise:

Once the dust settled on Lake County's primary election filings this week, voters learned that six county board incumbents -- more than a quarter of the board -- won't be running again. That will mean wide open races and several new faces.

Watch for blurry bills:

They may be counterfeit. Especially in this busy shopping season, it's important that clerks, tellers and buyers be on guard. Police in Lake County say a scam in which counterfeiters change $1 and $5 bills into $100's and $50's has been making its way through several suburbs.

Getting anywhere?

OK. Now state House leaders have an agreement on Sears. But it's still different from the Senate's. And Gov. Quinn, he of the 67 percent income tax increase, won't sign on without relief for "working people." Be patient, Sears. Be patient.