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updated: 1/30/2011 11:44 AM

Crucial vote; where was Mulligan?

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One of the most important votes for the last (session) for the state of Illinois and Rosemary Mulligan was ill and not able to attend the session. How ill was she? I have gone to work ill lots of times because I have to support my family. I am sick at what happened to the working class of Illinois. Our families are struggling to survive in this economy and they increase taxes to pay for the perk programs of the last several years. Where is responsible spending?

Notice the bill only has tax increases, not cutbacks in government programs or perks for government employees of the state. These middle of night snafus by the Democrats before the new (legislature) was sworn in is further evidence, we must keep cleaning house.

Believe me, I will not be too ill to vote in the next election!

Mary Peglow

Des Plaines