TiEnergy celebrates stellar safety record and marks 700+ days with no accidents

  • Industrial equipment operated by TiEnergy Photo courtesy of TiEnergy

    Industrial equipment operated by TiEnergy Photo courtesy of TiEnergy

Updated 9/26/2023 7:55 PM

Hampshire, Illinois (Sept. 26) - TiEnergy, a family-owned railroad tie recycling and repurposing company, announced its two-year anniversary with no accidents. The company is marking the milestone by raising awareness on industrial safety procedures and railroad safety as part of National Railway Safety Month in September, and National Rail Safety Week, Sept. 18-24.

TiEnergy credits adherence to national standards and the development of its own supplemental safety procedures for its two-year zero accident record. The company is part of the National Safety Council, and stays abreast of first aid training, personal protective equipment (PPE), and signage requirements. Its employees follow all OSHA standards and guidelines, and all drivers are Department of Transportation and Federal Moter Carrier Safety Administration compliant. Employees also participate in eRail safety training and background checks. In addition to national safety compliance, the company also institutes and follows its own internal safety methodologies. Examples include machine safeguards such as equipment shutdown and cooling protocols, heat and cold stress tests, and comprehensive onsite safety action and management plans customized for each partner.


"Safety is an integral part of everything we do. There's not a single decision we make or action we take that doesn't include a focus on maximum safety," says Steven Kyle, Safety Director of TiEnergy. "We're proud of our 700 plus-day record, and we're committed to raising awareness to ensure safety across our entire industry."

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 2.6 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses in the U.S. in 2021, the vast majority caused by preventable human error. In addition, Operation Lifesaver, Inc., a Rail Safety Education organization that spearheads National Rail Safety Week each year, reports that trains hit a person or a vehicle every three hours in the United States. As an organization that employs people who manage industrial equipment and also supports Class I, Class II & Short Line freight carriers, railroads, and commercial companies, TiEnergy has a multi-faceted focus on safety. Beyond safety procedures for equipment, customers, and employees, TiEnergy contributes to the safety of the rail industry by removing out of service creosote-treated ties from railyards and storage facilities, reducing the risk of onsite fires.

National Railway Safety Month happens each September as a nationwide initiative highlighting rail safety, while the U.S. Rail Safety Week, beginning in 2017, continues annually as a collaborative effort among Operation Lifesaver, Inc., state Operation Lifesaver programs, and rail safety partners across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

For more information, visit tienergy-usa.com.


About TiEnergy

TiEnergy, LLC is an Illinois-based, family-owned company with a primary business of sustainable railroad tie removal, recycling and repurposing. Through innovative solutions such as TIEROC, an aggregate substitute made from recycled wood ties and out-of-service wood products, and patented technology that removes railroad tie plates, TiEnergy has created a new, environmentally responsible market for post-consumer waste. The company is a subsidiary of Midwest Companies, a sustainable waste management company that collects and recycles material waste for the construction, demolition, and railroad industries. For more information, visit www.tienergy-usa.com.


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