Chicago mother featured in first app exclusively tailored for Jewish women

  • Wilmette native Kim Leib is seen lighting the Shabbat candles in a video featured on Momentum's Yomm website.

    Wilmette native Kim Leib is seen lighting the Shabbat candles in a video featured on Momentum's Yomm website. Courtesy of Momentum

Updated 11/22/2022 12:38 PM

Wilmette native Kim Leib was featured on a new app made exclusively for Jewish women. The app, called Yomm and its accompanying website, gives Jewish women around the world a chance to foster a virtual community of like-minded women, connect to Israel and also delve into their own journey of self-discovery and reflection.

The app, launched this month, will be the first and largest social network for that demographic.


In her video, Leib, spoke of her own personal experience with motherhood and her search for a like-minded community. "After a long fertility journey, at age 40, I was blessed with boy-girl twins. My community feels like a safe place to lay down our roots."

"I was hesitant to leave the city since I always envisioned our kids growing up in a diverse community. I needed my kids to understand that we were all beautiful because we are different. And I thought maybe it would be hard to share that belief system in a place where everybody looked the same way. To my surprise, we were welcomed here with open arms, and found that many of our neighbors hold the same values we do and are also committed to inclusion and kindness and leaving a positive footprint on this world,"she said.

Yomm - which translates to "day" in Hebrew - offers Jewish women worldwide a daily chance to reflect, learn, and "check in" individually with other Jewish women around the world.

In interactive journeys, women immerse themselves in high-value, original videos, audio and readings from thought leaders like actor and activist Noa Tishby, Jewish educator Zohar Raviv, and psychologist and best-selling author Kelly McGonigal. Women can dive into topics that speak to them, including wellbeing, spiritual growth, Israel, and taking action.

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Women can embark on each journey solo or with others, directly messaging each other to share their takeaways and learnings and embark on this journey with others or on their own. In Yomm's innovative Soul Full feature, users are invited to discover new facets of blessings where they can curate their own personalized prayer collection and open the door to meaning, inspiration, and spiritual growth.

By working in tandem, Momentum's app and website enable women from around the world to dive into inspiring Jewish learning, spark real conversations and genuine connections, and ultimately bridge the distance between each other.

"The magic of the Momentum journey where Jewish women from all over the world meet in Israel to uncover something deeper about themselves and their heritage is now finally available on your phone," said Lori Palatnik, Momentum's founding director. "Whether a woman has already embarked on our in-person experience or is only just getting acquainted with us, Yomm provides them with the ability to continue to grow in their individual, spiritual and communal journey while virtually connecting to other Jewish women around the globe."

The app is being released at a time when the need for connection and community is at an all-time high. Jewish people around the world have emerged from a global pandemic only to witness a disturbing rise in antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment. Though their languages and traditions may differ, Yomm shows that all Jewish women are connected by a common thread and, as the organization's tagline shares, "We're never lost when we can find each other."

Israel's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs handpicked Momentum to establish Yomm, understanding that Momentum's substantial reach and network of more than 20,000 diverse Jewish women from 34 countries makes the organization the ideal partner for cultivating the global Jewish sisterhood. With its undisputed expertise in profound, Jewish learning experiences, Momentum is uniquely situated to expand into the digital space.

The App was created by Momentum, in partnership with the Mayberg Foundation, the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Debra and David Magerman, and Momentum Canada.

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