Batavia High School to put on 'Animal Farm' Sept. 16-18

  • George Orwell's "Animal Farm" with Batavia High School

    George Orwell's "Animal Farm" with Batavia High School Courtesy of Batavia High School

Updated 9/10/2021 11:17 PM

Batavia High School will present George Orwell's "Animal Farm" at 5:30 p.m. Thursday to Saturday, Sept. 16-18, at Batavia Fine Arts Centre, 1200 Main St. The drama, directed by Joshua Casburn, is adapted by Nelson Bond.

Orwell's warning about power is set at "Manor Farm" and starring the animals themselves. Presented in a "reader's-theater-comes-alive" style that illustrates both timeless and timelessness, this allegory for the Russian Revolution is not one to be missed.


"Animal Farm" is a fable with a sting. Much has been written about the threat of Communism, but it remained to the late George Orwell, farsighted British author of the brilliant and frightening 1984, to expose the Russian experiment for what it really is; an idealist's dream, converted by realists into a nightmare. In staged dramatic reading version of this timely allegory, you will meet beasts whose prototypes have dominated news headlines for many fearful years. Opening on a note of joyous triumph for the creatures who have emancipated themselves from the cruel mastery of a human owner, the reading mounts inexorably to a climax of disillusionment. Intermingling humor and drama, "Animal Farm" wrings the emotions of its listeners, leaving audiences shaken with the tale of a tragedy that happened in a mythical barnyard far away but could happen in our own backyard.

Tickets are $12 online or $14 at the box office. Tickets are on sale at

With the move back into live performances, enjoy Batavia High School's first performance back in front of a live audience!

The cast features: Abram Alley, TJ Borre, Gemma Cohen, Jayden Folkerts, Ashlyn Garrity, Kayla Giesen, Ronnie Gustin, Lexie Horne, Sophia Jech, Mackenzie Leathers, Tatjana Litow, Lily Mamminga, Violet McCann, Desert McGarr, Erin McLaughlin, Matthew Mefford, Mitchell Moss, Chloe Nelson, Clara Patterson, Alana Plourde, Ivan Pynn, Kate Streepey, Maddie Vaja, Zoe Weeks, and Ravyn Willuweit.

The stage manager is Gabrielle Samii, crew Ben Budke, and assistant director Desert McGarr.

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