Four Experts In Personal And Professional Development Aim To Ease The Post-Pandemic Panic.

Four Experts in Mental Wellness and Life Coaching are pooling their brain-power to change lives with the Crown and Compass Initiative

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2020 / -- Residual side-effects of the Pandemic are quickly consuming the conversation of mental health and helping professions nationwide. These side-effects of a year in social isolation are weight gain, career issues, and relationship obstacles, just to name a few. Studies are starting to show that the combination of economic hardship and loneliness is pushing people to the point of frantic concern. In response to the overwhelming demand The Crown and Compass Team, based out of Arlington Heights, Illinois is offering up their expertise to effect change.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll taken in the US found that nearly half of Americans reported that the coronavirus crisis had harmed their mental health. After the stress of 2020, the helping industries such as life coaching and mental health professionals are in agreement that radical change is needed now. Julie Lokun, the founder of the Crown and Compass Life Coaching has newly launched the "Dream Catchers" initiative with a mission to give communities the tools to take back control of their lives. Lokun has announced today that the program will be accessible to all demographics and will be free of charge. The inaugural event begins on January 4th. Lokun has noticed a pattern of women who are crying out for a collection of real experiences that elevate their personal and professional aspirations. The launch of the "Dream Catchers" will be a vehicle to serve women on a massive level.

The Crown and Compass Coaching team is gearing up for the Dream Catchers Challenge by offering free resources on their website to encourage women to take inventory of their lives and understand that they are the only ones that have the power to change their circumstances. "Getting your house in order is the key to success", Tristin Hodges, a licensed mental health professional, and life coach suggests. Hodges is kicking off the Dream Catchers event by revealing her own brand of a mindset-makeover. "Doing the internal work and figuring out a fresh approach to your personal and professional life is key".

Hodges leads the team at Crown and Compass Life Coaching as a therapeutic advisor and leading expert in mindset development. The Pandemic, at the very least, has thrown a major curveball in our mental, physical and spiritual journeys. Hodges emphasizes that "Emotional agility and the ability to manage your emotional responses to situations is imperative-- rather than simply reacting to a moment". This emotional awareness has always been a pivotal skill for navigating the challenges associated with parenting, working, and relationships".

In response to this explosive trend in needing professional support, Tristin Hodges and her partner, Julie Lokun, Masters Life Coach, have assembled a team of experts to provide the support for those looking for radical changes in their lives.

Tia Morell, a holistic health coach and team member of the Crown and Compass will lead this challenge on the wellness-focused Day 3. Morell iworks with clients from a holistic perspective that can alter their overall health journey. "I am thrilled to be working on this team of amazing women who have only one mission-- which is to empower" Morell, will be the lead in terms of guiding participants to living a more mindful lifestyle-which ultimately will be the catalyst for changes in their health.

The synergy between the coaches guarantees a platform of accountability and substantive change. "People are waking up from the hibernation of the pandemic and looking at their personal and professional issues and don't know what to do...." Explains Mika Altidor, Certified Life Coach, "The challenge begins on January 4th, and all the participants will be provided with a daily lesson and activity." Altidor adds, " All you have to do is sign up on our website and then open your mind to the possibilities of living in abundance. "

This team of four dynamic coaches is offering up a collaboration that is fresh and unlike any other coaching team. "Take advantage of the brain-power this team may be your secret weapon for taking control of your life in 2021", Lokun adds. To learn more about the Dream Catcher Challenge visit

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