Keeping Homebound High School Students Learning with Online tutoring

Garry Fairfield
Huntington Learning Centers of the Chicago Area
Updated 5/7/2020 8:29 AM

Parents, you and your teens probably never envisioned what is happening right now: learning remotely on the computer while isolated from classmates and teachers. The coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it, and while schools are doing their best to keep students learning, there's no doubt that these drastic changes to schoolwork better for some high school students than others.

"While we're fortunate to live in a time when remote learning is feasible, the absence of classroom learning will impact many students," says Garry Fairfield of the Chicago Area Huntington Learning Centers. For high school students, Fairfield adds, it is essential not to fall behind.


The best solution to ensure high school students keep learning while homebound? Online tutoring. "A customized tutoring program will ensure students stay on track and have the skills they need to achieve grade-level expectations," Fairfield explains. He shares several ways that tutoring can benefit high school students during this time of remote learning:

1. It will help them learn what they need for next year. A lot is up in the air, but you should expect that grade-level standards will not change. That means if your teen falls behind while learning remotely, he or she is going to have to make up some ground with individualized tutoring.

2. Motivation will not diminish. The remote learning setup is very different than a standard school day of going to classes, learning from teachers, and studying and doing homework. No doubt, some teens will struggle because they're not in a school setting or on a school schedule. If you're concerned that this might happen with your teen, tutoring can keep him or her focused on learning, any future goals, college and more.

3. Teens will be prepared for the next grade. Every grade transition in high school is important, and teens are now losing several months of in-person school. A supplemental education program will ensure your teen is not just on track academically, but with all of the critical high school to-dos: Advanced Placement exams, the SAT or ACT, thinking about future college major possibilities, keeping up the Grade Point Average and more.

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4. Skill gaps will get corrected before they become a big problem. Learning remotely and online is an adjustment. Some might adapt well, while others risk falling behind. Teachers might not recognize the signs of a student struggling as quickly because they are not physically with their students on a daily basis (and many schools have gone to pass/fail grading). Tutoring will ensure your teen has the building-block knowledge required to move into next year smoothly.

5. It builds independence and study skills. Now more than ever, high school students' sense of responsibility is being put to the test. It's always important that students build their study skills and independence, but especially when they are expected to do work on their own. If your teen has never been particularly conscientious about school, a remote learning arrangement could be problematic (if it isn't already).

Fairfield adds that tutoring can build upon what teens work on in remote school and cover any areas that inadvertently get missed. "Adding tutoring to students' study regimen right now is a smart way to ensure they keep up in school and stay on the path of success for the rest of high school, whether they are just finishing their freshman year or graduating in a year," he says. "Also, if your teen has had any problems in school at all to date, it's especially crucial that you step in now and make sure he or she is getting the individualized attention necessary to finish this year strong and make next year a great one."

To learn more about Huntington's online tutoring programs that are available now, visit or call 1-800 CAN LEARN.


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