Consequence of COVID19: Layoffs and Loss of Insurance

Barrington resident and Oak Brook business owner Barbara Bradford, owner of A. Marek Fine Jewelry, hosted the Glitz & Glamour fashion show for A Silver Lining Foundation, NFP, allowing 100% of funds raised from the event to be used to provide access to those in need of mammograms and follow-up testing when indicated.

As has been heralded in the news, a consequence of those being laid off due to COVID-19, is that with layoffs comes the loss of insurance.

Dr. Sandy Goldberg - cofounder, with her husband Greg Hines, of A Silver Lining Foundation, NFP - says, "We are seeing an uptick in women calling for help, as they showed up for their mammograms only to find that they have no insurance coverage. It's a devastating situation, especially for those scheduled for diagnostic mammograms, which means that they have been screened and their doctor feels the need for further testing. We want women to know that we are here to help … and at no charge. We are able to offer this service due to the generosity of our private funders."

Dr. Sandy Goldberg developed breast cancer shortly after her marriage and was fortunate to have a great support system and excellent insurance to provide needed treatment and follow-up testing. Says Goldberg, "I learned my world was not the real world - I was fortunate in a way many women are not. From my call-in cable TV show, I learned that many women feel unworthy to ask for help due to a lack of insurance and financial resources. Humiliating. But you do it because you have no place to turn. As an example, a 21-year-old young lady who had lost her mother, grandmother, and sister to breast cancer reached out to us. She was concerned, was not insured, had no place to go, and was frightened. We helped. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. We turn no one away."

Goldberg explains, "We never ask questions about insurance or finances or whether the individual is documented. Because of our commitment to everyone in need we do not accept government funding - if we did, the government would tell us whom we can and cannot serve. We fund anyone who can get to us!! We help women and men in need who have no place else to go. At A Silver Lining Foundation, we believe everyone deserves a chance to survive. Last year we funded free breast health testing (screening through biopsy) for 1,500 women … if treatment is needed, our 15 hospital partners help with that as well. Our service is always FREE."

Recently, a beautifully-attired crowd of high-profile women came to the Peninsula Chicago to support the sixth annual "Glitz & Glamour," a luncheon fashion show emceed by WGN TV's Micah Materre and benefitting A Silver Lining Foundation, NFP. Hosted by A. Marek Fine Jewelry, ALL OF THE MONEY raised from the event will fund 250 breast cancer screenings! Though Women's Health Week is in May, we all must be aware every day of the need for breast cancer screenings!

A Silver Lining Foundation, NFP, (ASLF) funds cost-free breast health testing for women throughout the Chicagoland area who are uninsured, underinsured, or ineligible for other breast health testing programs. However, ASLF is not limited to Chicagoland; as Dr. Sandy says, "We will fund anyone who can get to us!" ASLF is the only nonprofit in the nation with this mission. If you are reading this and in need of ASLF's assistance, call 312-345-1322. For more information:

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