Two Batavia schools to join in the first Kane County Cycle Club

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Submitted by Batavia Unit District 101
Updated 1/30/2020 7:38 PM

H.C. Storm and Hoover-Wood elementary schools have both been selected, of five schools in Kane County, to take part in the first year of the Kane County Cycle Club program.

The program begins on April 13 and runs until May 17. There is a lot to do before the event begins, but here is a brief picture of what it will look like.


"We are very excited to have five schools participating in the Kane County Cycle Club program that are so motivated towards our shared goal of encouraging students to not only bike more often but to do it safely," said Carl Schoedel, the Director of Transportation at the Kane County Division of Transportation. "We hope that this first year of the program will introduce many of these students to the joys of biking, while also rewarding their efforts with some great prizes."

There are five schools in total participating in the first year.

These schools are: Ronald D. O'Neal Elementary School in Elgin; Clinton Elementary School in South Elgin; H.C. Strom Elementary School in Batavia; Lily Lake Grade School in Lily Lake; and Hoover Wood Elementary School in Batavia.

Hoping to get more than 90% participation, Chris Milka, assistant principal at Hoover-Wood, plans to get the word out to the Hoover-Wood community through various communication channels, including messenger, student logs and posters. Registration opens on Feb. 1.

Each teacher plays a critical role in educating the students. Teachers will hand out flyers and a bicycle log for students to keep track of their progress. They also will be informing parents through emails and preparing the safety curriculum.

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Not only are there great health benefits, but also there are prizes students can earn for biking to school with friends.

What to do if you do not own a bike? Parents can apply for a bike to be donated to them during the registration process.

Bikes will be donated from Working Bikes, a non-profit in Chicago and stored at Village Pedaler in South Elgin.

The Bike Rack in St. Charles has also offered to donate several gift cards to their store and the usage of their virtual bicycle safety program to all schools in the program.

The prizes are awarded for reaching the goals that students have set. Each winner will be provided with a participatory award and will be entered in a raffle for additional rewards. For participation, students will be gifted two tickets; one for a Kane County Cougars game, and one for a Windy City Bulls game.

The additional raffle prizes are items donated by sponsors.

If your student goes to Hoover-Wood or H.C. Storm, encourage them to participate! Not only can they win prizes, but they can improve their physical health and get their daily exercise in.

For information, visit or call (630) 937-8800.