83 Batavia seniors named Illinois State Scholars

Submitted by Batavia Unit District 101
Posted1/9/2020 8:01 PM

Batavia High School is pleased to recognize the following students from the graduating class of 2020 who have been named 2020-21 Illinois State Scholars for their outstanding academic achievement.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission, the state agency committed to helping make college accessible and affordable for Illinois families, confers this prestigious recognition annually to top Illinois high school students.


Illinois State Scholars represent approximately the top 10% of high school seniors from 757 high schools across the state.

Illinois State Scholars possess strong academic potential and are chosen based on a combination of exemplary ACT or SAT test scores and sixth-semester class rank.

While State Scholar recognition does not include a monetary prize, students receive congratulatory letters from ISAC as well as personalized Certificates of Achievement.

They are: Lila Abdelnour, Josephine Adams, Haley Aharoni, Samuel Barus, Ramona Biancheri, Joshua Bode, Margaret Boersma, Sarah Borchert, Allyson Campagna, Quinn Carlson, Devin Cheaney, Alissa Chu, Faith Cramer, Priya Dave, Elizabeth Faron, Grace Feuerborn, Juliana Gabriel, Fiona Garrity, Javier Gonzalez, Margaret Gosselin, Lauren Grychowski, Amber Gutsch, Lauren Haefer, Isaac Hager, Conall Haldeman, David Heidenreich, Jonathan Hess, Abigail Hill, Emilee Ivan, Kyle Kahley, Andrew Kein, Adam Kennedy, Abigail Kent, Jacob Kleist, Joseph Knanishu, Shamili Komoravolu, Joshua Kosky, Gabriel Kramer, Alyssa Krueger, Annika Kuretsky, Morgan LaSalle, Kamil Lebowa, John Lorenzo, Gia Marino, Matthew Markins, Rebecca Marston, Jonathan Mastrud, Miah Miglore, Alexis Moore, Emma Moore, Olivia Murchie, Merveille Muyizere, Joshua Newburn, Ada Novak, Taylor Novotny, Erin O'Brien, Morgan O'Brien, Devin O'Toole, Zoey Papka, Julia Pelech, Lauren Peterson, Katherine Polick, Nicholas Reimer, Alexander Richards, Madison Rydell, Grace Salyers, Eamon Samsami, Ethan Schmidt, Katherine Schoenfelder, Molly Schuster, Kelly Sego, Alexander Skupa, Haley Skupa, Tsunami Smith, Ashleigh Solomon, Maisie Sweeney, Morgan Toronyi, Chloe Valentino, Aidan Walker, Caroline Weiss, Emily Wheat, Nathan White and Kyle Wolford.