'Bone Yard' display in Elgin to top 100 skeletons this Halloween

Submitted by Tom Schaefer
Updated 10/8/2019 5:52 PM

Tom and Cathy Schaefer have outdone themselves again this year with their "Bone Yard" Halloween yard display in Elgin.

Last year's display had over 90 skeletons. This year, it will top 100 before Halloween gets here. It all started with one reproduction, human skeleton a few years ago and has grown -- more skeletons, more lights and more security.


Everything from 1½-inch fairy skeletons to 9-foot tall T-rex, 6-foot tall horses and velociraptors skeletons and everything in between. Even a dragon on the roof and a few surprises on Halloween day. Some animated, but all are fake … so the disclaimer goes "no people or animals were harmed in the making of this display."

The "Bone Yard" Halloween display is located on Gleneagle Circle, near the corner of Gleneagle and Harbor Town Drive.

The display will be up until Nov. 1. Feel free to take photos but please do not touch. Remember , the Bone Yard is on 24-hour video surveillance and recording … can't be too carful.


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