From Cook County Health: Five Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Kate Hedlin, Cook County Health
Updated 7/10/2019 7:33 AM

While the warmer weather means wearing sandals or even going barefoot, Cook County Health reminds you about the importance of taking care of your feet this summer with these five tips.

1. Invest in a good pair of sandals: Flip flops can be found everywhere and are usually cheap, but they can lead to problems, including plantar fasciitis and tendinitis, both of which cause foot pain. Wearing flip flops can also lead to knee and back pain due to the lack of support.


Flip flops also don't offer much protection from glass or rocks on the street, and they frequently can lead to falls.

So while flip flops are fine for the pool, if you are going to be wearing the shoe regularly, go with an athletic-type sandal that has straps to keep them in place around the foot and ankle. Look for one with arch support and cushioning of the sole.

2. Include protection for your feet when at the beach: Don't forget to protect your feet in the water, too! Lakes and other bodies of water frequently can be home to rocks, broken glass and other objects that can cut your feet.

3. Don't forget sunscreen: Yes, even your feet should have a layer of sunscreen. This is especially true when you're wearing sandals. Your feet can easily become sunburned and are just as susceptible to skin cancer as other areas of your body.

4. Keep nails trimmed and wash feet daily: Any cut or minor irritation on your feet can easily get infected when you're spending time barefoot, wearing flip flops or are in bodies of water such as lakes. Avoid infections by washing your feet after coming in from outside and keep nails trimmed.

5. Visit a podiatrist if you're having problems: If you are concerned about a foot problem or are experiencing foot pain, don't wait. Contact Cook County Health to make an appointment at 312-864-0200.

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