Students Complete Frog Dissections at ZCMS

  • ZCMS students complete a frog dissection lab.

    ZCMS students complete a frog dissection lab.

Alexandra Sullivan

During their time at Zion Central Middle School, every student learns about human anatomy and how internal systems work. For students in Dennis and Marsha DeBennette's classroom, they are given the opportunity to learn more about anatomy by dissecting frogs. Some students might look at this task as disgusting and not worthwhile, but Mr. and Mrs. DeBennette are constantly working to show students the academic benefit and prepare them for the lab. In preparation, students watch videos that guide them through dissection, explain what they are looking at, and how it relates to human anatomy. Students can also practice with computer-based models before starting their lab. With Mr. and Mrs. DeBennette's help, every student is more than prepared to dissect their own frog and gains a greater understanding of human anatomy.

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