Clubhouse Chatter: Of the major sports, which is toughest for fans to watch on TV rather than at the game?

Updated 8/5/2020 4:16 PM

What the sports staff has to say now that the games have resumed.

Probably hockey, since that's so much easier to follow the puck in person that on TV.


-- Mike McGraw

I was going to say hockey, but I'm going with baseball. How anyone can watch these 3½-hour slog fests on television is beyond me.

-- John Dietz

The trouble people have had watching a scooting hockey puck in the past prompted at least one network to encircle the "puck" with color so people can follow it easier on television. For regular fans, who can judge where the puck is and where it will be next based on player movement, it's not as difficult.

-- Dave Oberhelman

All sports are best viewed in person, but baseball loses the most in translation. Not being able to see the flight of the batted ball and how the fielders are positioned to catch it is a major drawback to watching on television.

-- Jerry Fitzpatrick

I am going to go with the NFL. No. 1, a lot of time it's an all-day event with the tailgating. So those fans will probably miss that. No. 2, some fans like to watch receivers running their patterns, and you're not going to see that on television.

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-- John Leusch

Basketball. If you've got good seats to a basketball game, watching on TV just doesn't even come close.

-- Patricia Babcock McGraw

I think most casual fans would say hockey. If you're a hockey fan, following the puck -- and anticipating where it's going -- isn't difficult on TV, which can show the entire rink in one camera shot. I find baseball much better in person. It's easier to watch the flight of the ball, the positioning/depth of the fielder and the baserunner all at the same time. I know some TVs utilize picture-in-picture, but it's not the same as being there.

-- Mike Smith

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