Clubhouse Chatter: Who is the worst commissioner in sports?

Updated 7/4/2020 5:48 PM

What our Sports staff has to say while waiting for the games to resume.

It's Roger Goodell by a wide margin. He's a soulless corporate tool who puts profits above all else. He's helped ruin the game at the lower levels by being slow to punish headhunting plays. He's dodged concussion and CTE issues plaguing former players. Then the NFL has always been a leader in holding cities hostage to get needlessly expensive stadiums built on taxpayer money, with another one set to open in Las Vegas this fall.


-- Mike McGraw

Gary Bettman. Hockey is such a great sport, and the NHL should be so much better. Bettman actually seems to relish the boos he is always greeted by.

-- Scot Gregor

Does Major League Baseball seem to be going backward? Or maybe it just is backward. Anyway, congratulations, Rob Manfred. Honorable mention: the NHL's Gary Bettman.

-- Orrin Schwarz

I can't stand listening to Rob Manfred. I can't think of anything he has done that's made me think, "What a great idea," or "That is just what baseball needs."

-- John Lemon

Too tough to call. Being a commissioner in any sport is such a difficult job today and you're set up for criticism by social media. Perhaps horse racing has the right idea: no commissioner.

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-- John Leusch

Rob Manfred. He botched every step of this labor negotiation with the MLBPA. There will almost certainly be a work stoppage after the 2021 season.

-- Jerry Fitzpatrick

I used to think it was Gary Bettman but recent events have changed my mind. It seems Bettman has been trying to work with the players on getting the season going again. Taking the top spot away is baseball's Rob Manfred. Whatever happens in 2020 will be a bit of a bonus considering the way of the world. I'm already convinced there will not be baseball for a good chunk of 2022.

-- Mike Smith

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