Clubhouse Chatter: Clubhouse Chatter: Which do you like better, college football or the NFL?

Updated 5/26/2020 5:18 PM

What our Sports staff has to say while waiting for the games to resume.

It's kind of like picking between choice cuts of steak, but give me the NFL. It's kind of like adding a side of mushrooms. At this point, either one would be great and now I'm hungry.


-- Scot Gregor

I like the NFL because I play fantasy football in a league with my family, so we all get into that. But I like the atmosphere of college football better. College football Saturdays are so full of pomp and circumstance.

-- Patricia Babcock McGraw

I'll give the nod to the NCAA by the nose of the ball. It used to be the NFL by a mile, but the way the pro game is called now makes it nearly unwatchable. Roughing the passer for simply falling on the quarterback? No more big hits on "defenseless" receivers? Was that a catch? A fumble? Is the spot correct? Let's wait three, five and sometimes seven or eight minutes for an official to decide. Yawn.

-- John Dietz

Maybe it's because we work weeknights and Saturdays and don't get to watch much college football, but the NFL gets this vote. Even if the Bears aren't playing, the NFL will be on the TV on Sundays. With the college game it has to be Illinois, Northern Illinois or at least a Big Ten school to draw interest -- if our schedule permits.

-- Orrin Schwarz

Before fantasy football came around and the Tennessee Volunteers program tanked, I would have gone with NCAA football. To me there's nothing better than tailgating, the bands and overall atmospheres at college football games, especially in the SEC. But if you watch your favorite team lose all the important games year after year, I'll switch to the NFL where I can at least root for my favorite fantasy guys.

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-- John Lemon

Working Saturdays doesn't allow much time to watch college football, but it's still better than a Sunday filled with greed, questionable call after questionable call, and Mitch Trubisky.

-- John Radtke

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