Clubhouse Chatter: Which sports movie has made you cry?

Updated 5/25/2020 5:25 PM

What our Sports staff has to say while waiting for the games to resume.

"Brian's Song," without a doubt. A riveting movie from start to finish but watching 'Pic' die, and watching Gale Sayers' reaction makes me run for the Kleenex box every time. A close second is "Pride of the Yankees."


-- John Radtke

I'm a sucker for "A League Of Their Own," mainly because of Madonna's ballad. "This Used To Be My Playground" is one of my favorite songs, right up there with AC/DC's "Thunderstruck." I always have to watch the end of "A League Of Their Own" to see the end credits.

-- Joe Aguilar

"Field of Dreams" is the obvious choice, be it the father-son angle with the Kinsellas or the back stories featuring Archie "Moonlight" Graham, Terence Mann and, of course, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson.

-- Scot Gregor

"Field of Dreams." The ending really got me.

-- John Dietz

Boy, it's been a long time since "Brian's Song" was Movie of the Week. Can't remember if it made me cry. My general opinion is "Bad News Bears" is the only good sports movie. I suppose it could bring tears of joy at Kelly Leak playing hard until the final out.

-- Mike McGraw

"Brian's Song" makes me cry because Brian Piccolo's premature death ended so many bonds -- with his wife, his friends, his team. "The Pride of the Yankees" makes me cry due to the loss of such an admirable person (at least as portrayed in the film), New York Yankees slugger Lou Gehrig. "Miracle" makes me cry because it showcases the ability of a team to achieve the unthinkable.

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-- Dave Oberhelman

"Field of Dreams" was a no-doubt-about-it, especially when I saw the scene filmed in downtown Galena. The parking was much better in that era.

-- Mike Smith

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