Wrigley Field says it's missing its friends

  • Wrigley Field is empty these days, pining for the day Major League Baseball returns

    Wrigley Field is empty these days, pining for the day Major League Baseball returns Joe Lewnard | Staff Photographer

Updated 5/25/2020 1:32 PM

It's May, and my ivy is turning green, not that you can see it.

The flags high above my center field scoreboard are blowing out. Or maybe they're blowing in. If they're raised at all. I haven't seen a W flag in months.


Either way, you're not here to see them.

I am Wrigley Field, and people come from all over the world to see me. People fill me from top to bottom, game in and game out. I'm as beloved as the Cubs who play in me, maybe more.

Usually. But not this season.

I'm more than 100 years old and I've never been so lonely in May. I miss you, Cubs fans.

Usually when I'm left alone this long, it's because there is snow all over me. Or at least it's so cold I'm begging for someone to give me a tarp.

You know who I really miss? Billy Williams. I first started watching Billy play in 1959, and I watched him play for 16 seasons. He hit a lot of baseballs over my walls.

Even in retirement Billy visits me often. I don't understand why he hasn't come by lately. I miss him too.

I hear from my friends around Chicago every now and then. We text each other. They're as lonely as I am, especially Sox Park. Sorry, Guaranteed Rate Field.

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(Hey, I'm Wrigley Field. Of course I going to use his old-school name.)

Soldier Field usually isn't busy this time of year, except for maybe an occasional concert or whatever, but this year was going to be different for him. The Fire was making a big deal of returning to play soccer at Soldier Field after living at one of my suburban buddies, Toyota Park/SeatGeek Stadium, since 2006.

The Fire is still waiting to play at Soldier Field again. Will it get the chance this season? If it does, will Soldier Field be visited by fans or will its seats remain empty out of necessity?

If Soldier Field can have fans in the summer, I sure can.

United Center, of course, wouldn't be busy now even if things were back to normal. The Bulls and Blackhawks just weren't good enough to make the playoffs this year. But the UC became CU later too soon this spring.

We all laugh at some of the times our home teams fumbled and bumbled and barely looked good enough to play in the minor leagues, yet there they were, playing in us, big-league stadiums.


Soldier Field laughs about the time Lionel Messi came from Spain and hosted a charity game in him and it went so poorly Messi left his own game early.

My big lakefront friend tells that story so often, we all just roll our scoreboards. But what else is there for us to do but retell old stories?

It's frustrating for us all, of course, especially when we see people walking all around us as if there's no disease floating around them at all. If they can be out and about, why can't they come in? It's confusing.

OK, I get it. I have to be patient. It's just a matter of time before my marquee announces a new home game. And maybe then Cubs fans can swarm all over me again. Or at least the current Cubs will be around.

I miss Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant and Javier Baez and Kyle Hendricks and all the guys. Remember that World Series they brought me in 2016?

I can't wait for them to come back and see me.

I miss you all.

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