Clubhouse Chatter: How do you feel about MLB starting in July?

Updated 5/21/2020 6:15 PM

What our Sports staff has to say while waiting for the games to resume.

Even without fans in the stands, I think it would be great if games can be played in a safe environment. The public needs somewhere to turn for live entertainment, and watching baseball on TV would definitely scratch that itch and undoubtedly deliver record ratings.


-- Scot Gregor

The sooner, the better. Sitting on the couch is a lot more boring without sports. Arizona gave the go-ahead for pro sports, so get down there and take the field. I've seen baseball players wear hoods in the cold. They could put on some neck gaiters or bandannas, right? Take a shower at the hotel? No mound visits? This is all very doable.

-- Mike McGraw

I feel that a July start gives Major League Baseball a large enough sample size to conduct a season and produce a World Series champion. At this point, I think the NHL and NBA should just consider the 2019-20 campaign a wash. 

-- Dave Oberhelman

I'm hopeful it's not just wishful thinking. What happens if one player on one team somehow gets infected? Will the whole team be quarantined? What happens to the schedule then? I hope it happens but we shall see.

-- Jerry Fitzpatrick

There are mixed feelings. Rumors of all the games being played in Arizona in empty stadiums with the DH for all games are less than optimal. But at least there would be games. Korean baseball just doesn't fill the void.

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-- Orrin Schwarz

Apprehensive. I hope MLB comes back in July. I want it to work well, remind us how great sports are, and be a springboard to the rest of pro, college and prep sports returning. But I'm also worried about something going wrong that will derail plans for the other sports at all levels to return.

-- John Lemon

Not as good as I'd feel if they were starting in June. Let's go already.

-- Barry Rozner

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