Whether he's the starter or not, Foles says he'll 'do what's best for the Chicago Bears'

  • Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles warms up before an NFL football game against the Indianapolis Colts, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Jacksonville, Fla.

    Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles warms up before an NFL football game against the Indianapolis Colts, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Jacksonville, Fla. Associated Press

Updated 4/3/2020 7:21 PM

LAKE FOREST -- Nick Foles' NFL career is one of the stranger dichotomies in recent NFL history.

In 2013 he threw 27 touchdown passes and just 2 interceptions, compiled a 119.2 passer rating, and set then-NFL records with 7 TDs in a single game and completing 25 consecutive passes.


After stints in St. Louis and Kansas City, he returned to Philadelphia in 2018, led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl title and was the game's MVP.

Yet in five of his eight NFL seasons, including '13 and '18, he began the year as a second stringer.

Strangely enough, that -- beyond his familiarity with and fondness for much of the coaching staff and in particular Matt Nagy -- is what appears to make him such a perfect fit for the Bears.

Foles was introduced to Bears media Friday and he made clear that while he'd love to be the starter, he is here for his new team first.

"Obviously Mitch has been here for several years and knows this offense really well, the Chicago version. But I'll be competing and it'll be a healthy competition.

"Mitch and I have already talked and ultimately it's about the Chicago Bears and it's not about the egos of the quarterbacks.

"Ultimately we have to do what's best for the Chicago Bears.

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"It's going in there and doing our jobs and supporting each other and the guy who can lead the team will lead the team, no matter who that is.

"If it's Mitch, I'm going to be there to support Mitch.

"And if it's me, I know that Mitch will be there to support me."

If you're asking yourself who is this guy, you're not alone. Who he is, is exactly why he was apparently Ryan Pace's and Matt Nagy's first and only choice to compete with Trubisky.

It also helps that he has such a deep connection with Nagy and most of his offensive coaching staff.

Foles told us this story about arriving in Kansas City in 2016.


"After my year in St. Louis, I lost the joy of the game.

"I landed in the airport in Kansas City, our trainer took me to do my physical and then he took me to Nagy's house, so I got to hang out with his family for a while and then he drove me to training camp.

"We got to training camp, this just sort of shows Nagy. I had known him since 2012. I was like, 'Man, how do I get to the practice facility in the morning?'

"He's like, 'Hey, just take my car. I'll find another ride.'

"Just being around Nagy, being in the room with him, talking with him, it had nothing to do with football.

"It had to do with the culture and the energy from the human beings within the organization that allowed me to -- four days into training camp I started loving the game."

When I asked Foles about his strongest memories of his 2018 Wild Card win over the Bears and the infamous "double doink," he dove deeper into why he was willing to do a complicated rework of his $88 million deal with the Jaguars to come to Chicago.

"Yeah, just being quite honest and not saying this because I'm with the Bears now, and anyone who was on that Eagles team would say the same thing, that was one of the toughest opponents I've ever faced from a team perspective.

"You could tell that their culture, their energy, obviously playing in that stadium was amazing.

"I think the biggest thing was I just remember playing that team and realizing I come to the sidelines, it was the first time I saw us as an offense sort of rattled because the defense was doing such a great job.

"I just remember sitting in the locker room after that and just being like, wow, if we lose that game, the Bears could go all the way to win the Super Bowl that year in my opinion. I thought they were that talented."

Whether they are still that talented remains to be seen. But Foles left little doubt Friday he intends to make them a better team, regardless of whether he does it in the huddle or on the sidelines.



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