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Updated 3/14/2020 7:17 PM

You read what our columnists have to say each day about the teams you follow. Ever wonder what they think about life in and out of the sandbox? Let's ask.

Now that there aren't any games to keep you up late into the evening (or to look forward to), how are you going to fill the void?


Seeing as how it's going to be a month (or two), and it's going to have to be a long list, I'll start by digging into my DVR, where I have Masters highlights from 1997, 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2019. It shouldn't be hard to figure out why those are the years. The GOAT won all five times and that's 5 hours of brilliance that ought to keep the heart beating for a while. Wouldn't be surprised if Golf Channel starts emptying the library this week with nothing else to show.

-- Barry Rozner

I'm going to read. It'll be the newspaper, per usual, in the morning. When the games aren't going on, I'll hit the stacks I've picked up at the Palatine Public Library's used books sales and wait for baseball to return.

-- Scot Gregor

The no-sports-on-TV era we are entering will be an incredible opportunity for the Dietz family. With our son a senior at Hinsdale Central, we'll have these next few weeks to bond and make memories. No more track practices and 11 p.m. homework nights. And no more rushing through dinners.

In addition to making serious headway on shows like "Better Call Saul," "Narcos," "Stranger Things," "Ozark" and "The Office," we'll play games like Stratego, Sequence and Risk. And there's another great game to pull out as well -- Superstar Baseball. Those of you who grew up in the 1970s and '80s know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you have baseball-crazed kids between 7-17 years old, this is a great non-video game option to check out on eBay. ... Hope everyone uses this time to stay safe, reconnect with their families and help those in need.

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-- John Dietz

We're still early in this process, but one thought is to bring back some old-school entertainment -- jigsaw puzzles. Slow-moving, relaxing, time-consuming and can distract you temporarily from real-world concerns. The hardest part of this plan might be getting your hands on a card table. Hopefully there's been no hoarding.

-- Mike McGraw

I've already started by re-watching Jack Nicklaus sink the birdie putt on No. 17 at Augusta National en route to his come-from-behind Masters victory. I'll probably find time for "Rudy," "Hoosiers," "Field of Dreams," and "Miracle" in the coming days. Can't forget the 1991 NHL All-Star Game at the Stadium (best anthem ever), the Ryne Sandberg Game against the Cardinals in June 1984 ... and I'm going to finally finish the new Ernie Banks book. I know that in the coming days, however, I'm going to miss the Masters most.

-- Mike Smith

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