Boys bowling: Ethan Kailin, who has autism, rolls 300 game for Warren

By Rusty Silber
Daily Herald Correspondent
Updated 12/6/2018 12:08 AM

Over the last few years, boys bowling has found some new programs across Lake County in the growing sport. Warren started its program three years ago, while Mundelein began its first season just about a month ago.

The Blue Devils' bowlers are growing up quickly and they have shown to have some talent.

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Ethan Kailin has plenty of experience throwing the bowling ball over the years and has the ability to find perfection.

The sophomore rolled 12 consecutive strikes in his opening game for a perfect 300. Then he followed up with games of 236 and 221 for an impressive 757 series, in which he had 29 out of a possible 36 strikes.

His efforts led Warren past Mundelein 2,944 to 2,533 at Lakeside Recreation Center in Mundelein on Wednesday afternoon.

"Bowling a 300 game is really fascinating for a starter, but (also) for me since I've been bowling for 12 years," said Kailin, who carries a 214 average. "I think other bowlers should get the chance to pursue their dream. I'm very excited for this and I'm pretty happy for myself."

Kailin not only has come a long way in reaching perfection, but he also has autistm -- high-functioning, according to his dad, Steve. Ethan was nonverbal at the age of 3 and learned to speak a couple of years later.

"He picked the sport by himself before he even talked," Steve Kailin said. "It got him into other things."

A lot of learning how to bowl and his ability was helped through instruction by area coaches Lindsey Siegal and Steve Brugioni.


Kailin threw his first 300 game last year and his career-high series of 779 at Brunswick Zone Hawthorn in Vernon Hills.

He also rolled a 299 game and a 745 series in a team dual match for the Blue Devils on Tuesday at Bertrand Lanes.

"Ethan has done everything right to get to this point," Warren coach Jim Voutiritsas said. "His preparation is the credit to his family. He's put himself into this position to have this kind of success. There's no accidents in what he does."

Other bowlers for the Blue Devils Wednesday were Daniel Lauer (552), Connor Bora (545), Brad Wilinski (535), Nate Garay (523) and Matt Albala (483).

Mundelein has a good core of bowlers for a first year team, led by Owen Jones and Nick Prochnow. They were really the ones that got the program going for this year and are trying to help the young inexperienced on the Mustangs' team of 11.

"It's been a lot of fun so far," said Mundelein coach Chris Sweno, who moved back from Texas for a math teaching job at his alma mater (2007). "Some of the guys were throwing 80 to 100 (score) games a month ago are now throwing 130 to 150. It's a little frustrating at times, but they want to be there every game and I want them to be there every game. It's fun watching them grow and watching Nick and Owen lead the team. Seeing them work with the bowlers is a lot of fun."


Jones led the way for the Mustangs on Wednesday with a 692 series with games of 259, 178 and 255.

The sophomore reached the sectional last season as an individual, but likes the fact there's a team with him now.

"It's amazing, because I've always wanted Mundelein to have a bowling team," Jones said. "It's been a dream of mine since I saw my older brother (Ryan) bowl in the sectionals. I was hoping when I got to high school, I could do the same thing and there could be a team."

Prochnow threw a 641 with games of 239, 221 and 181. The other Mustangs' bowlers were Miles Chubin (443), Jacob Buysse (400), Cody Gehrett (354) and Jacob Franzen (294).

"We work so hard at this and hard work pays off so much," Prochnow said. "It feels great to have a team, it's like progress and growth."

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