Scouting girls bowling in Lake County

By Rusty Silber
Daily Herald Correspondent
Updated 12/3/2018 5:01 PM



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Coach: Phil Lindberg (seventh year)

House: Antioch Lanes, Antioch

Returning bowlers: Sr. Kayla Tikovitsch (160), Jr. Allison Kane (165), Jr. Lynn Michalec (170), So. Alyssa Olson (175)

Newcomers: Fr. Alyssa Tanner (175)

Coach Phil Lindberg: "I expect us to be a very good team again this year. We would like to return to state and win the conference. What we need to do to succeed is to stay focused and pick spares up. We have to remember it's one frame at a time. We have to bowl as a team, help one another and just have fun."


Coach: Beth Miller (16th year)

House: Lakes Bowl, Round Lake

Returning bowlers: Sr.. Katie Dinschel (150), Sr. Hana Yazdani (150), Jr. Marisa Garcia (180), Jr. Autumn Hernandez (160)

Newcomers: So. Madeleine Cimo (180), Sr. Karissa Ackermann (140)

Coach Beth Miller: "We're focusing on improving the fundamentals and sharpening the mental game. Our team's focus is to capture the NLCC and to qualify for sectionals. The best thing about our team is its dedication to the individual game, while supporting each other's games."



Coach: Mike Blasevich (fourth year)

House: Brunswick Zone Hawthorn, Vernon Hills

Returning bowlers: Sr. Madison Ervin (174), Sr. Jessica Gurchak (181), Jr. Yovanna Torres (156)

Newcomers: So. Vanessa Alvardo, So. Kailey Cruz, So. Siya Sharma, So. Jia Zheng, Fr. Lily Oas, Fr. Kailey Petray, Sr. Vicky Medina, Jr. Bella Dinkel, Jr. Ashley Kilmer, So. Paige Minouge, So. Grace Serres

Coach Mike Blasevich: "I want my girls continuing to learn and grow as teammates and as bowlers. Every year, we strive to win the NLCC championship and make a run in the IHSA state series."


Coach: Laura Bertermann (11th year)

House: Lakes Bowl, Round Lake

Returning bowlers: Sr. Emily Mack (170), Sr. Sam Schlesser (150), Jr. Sydney Swiercz (165)


Newcomers: Sr. Jalynn Knight (130), Sr. Lexi Sears (140), Jr. Anna Pentrice (130)

Coach Laura Bertermann: "We have a lot of work to do this season to be competitive for titles and advancement, but we are up for the challenge. This will be a rebuilding year, but it's filled with so much potential. We continually work the basics and apply them to game scenarios. Developing knowledge about the game and how to adjust is always at the forefront of individual development."


Coach: Melissa Cross (14th year)

House: Antioch Lanes, Antioch

Returning bowlers: Sr. Emily Voight (212, two-time state qualifier), So. Aubrey Kiddle (175)

Newcomers: Fr. Essie Zoot, Sr. Sophia Donis, Sr. Sarah Rausch, Sr. Abby Ringo, Jr. Hannah Lawson

Coach Melissa Cross: "We have a small team. The goal will be to bowl competitively and have multiple bowlers move on at the end of the season. We would like to be consistent and stay positive on the lanes."


Coach: Russ LaChance (second year)

House: Lakes Bowl, Round Lake

Returning bowlers: Sr. Mali Galvez, Sr. Rayegan Lenington, Sr. Danny Sanchez, Jr. Alexia Brown, Jr. Crystal Garcia, Jr. Chloe Muskow, So. Alexandrea Francisco

Newcomers: Sr. Ashley Castro, Jr. Johanna Basunto, So. Izabella Ruiz, Fr. Erica Kilburn, Fr. Stephanie Leon, Fr. Adriadna Ortega, So. Tabitha Hinton, So. Shanaya Patino

Coach Russ LaChance: "We hope to continue building the team. We have high expectations, but it will take a while to get everyone back to a competitive level."


Coach: Mindy Lorence (12th year)

House: 3D Bowl, Island Lake

Returning bowlers: Sr. Samantha Cunningham (135), Sr. Gretchen Hoffeditz (135), Sr. Katelyn Johns (135), Jr. Jasmine McKeel (200, state qualifier last season), Jr. Morgan Thompson (115)

Newcomers: Jr. Emilee Harris, So. Samantha Unterreiner, Fr. Jade Colon, Fr. Cassisy Cummings, Fr. Grace Jacobi, Fr. Brooke Renaud

Coach Mindy Lorence: "There are quite a few new ladies on the team this year. It will be a year of coaching brand-new bowlers while also improving skills of those that have been bowling on the team for years. Our goal is to improve every day and have fun doing it."



Coach: Mel Fox (13th year)

House: Brunswick Zone Deer Park, Deer Park

Returning bowlers: Sr. Nikki Boege (143), Sr. Nicole Martin (130), Sr. Gabby Vitale (165), Jr. Haley Czabaj (146), Jr. Kristin Grzonka (115), So. Lilliana Perez (165)

Newcomers: Fr. Rogue Foppe, Fr. Amanda Kouros, Fr. Emma Roscoe, Fr. Olivia Ryt

Coach Mel Fox: "We're working hard to build a strong team. The girls are dedicated and willing to improve their games with practice and becoming stronger bowlers. We will be spending a lot of time at practice picking up spares. I'm confident that the amount of quality time the girls are spending at practice will pay off this season to continue winning tradition."


Coach: Lindsey Siegel (eighth year)

House: Lakeside Recreation Center, Mundelein

Returning bowlers: Sr. Katie Feisl (161), Sr. Kennah Porcelius (161), Jr. Kailey Adams (129), Jr. Sarah Kenzer (143), Jr. Kristine Kopp (153)

Coach Lindsey Siegel: "This is a very young team with only a few years of experience. They are a great group of girls who will have to learn how to rely on each other throughout a match. The returning members have been teaching the new girls as they continue to learn each day."


Coach: Vanessa Prorok (first year)

House: Lakeside Lanes, Mundelein

Newcomers: Jr. Melissa Calleros (128), Jr. Emelyn Melgar (119), Sr. Briana Cole-Poe, Jr. Julie Clarizio, So. Jackie Spencer, So. Gianna Strada

Coach Vanessa Prorok: "We're looking at building a new team, creating new traditions and preparing to compete at the regional and sectional levels. It will take a lot of hard work for individuals to make it to state, but it's definitely in the realm of possibilities. During the season, we will work toward improving our game, hitting specific pins and building a unified team."


Coach: Gina Johnson (23rd year)

House: Fairhaven Lanes, Mundelein

Returning bowlers: So. Reilly Sullivan (120), So. Yoojin Lee (157)

Newcomers: Jr. Jodi Katti, So. Yumin Kim, So. Esther Lee, So. Sohyun Lee, Fr. Diana Kwizera, Fr. Paula Oluwande

Coach Gina Johnson: "It will take developing a love for the game and a passion to improve. We're looking forward to the future and waiting to see who steps up to become a team leader. We're looking to work on our consistency and gain experience."


Coach: KC Lange (sixth year)

House: Bertrand Lanes, Waukegan

Returning bowlers: Sr. Linsy Jante (121), Jr. Brianna Haith (190), Jr. Maddison Zeni (150)

Newcomers: Sr. Theresa Harrison (135), Jr. Jocelyn Parra-Avila, Jr. Mayerli Gil

Coach KC Lange: "Our season goal is to compete for the NSC title and bowl well enough to compete in the state tournament. We strive to create a positive atmosphere with a winning attitude, while displaying sportsmanship."



Coach: Andra Dalton (13th year)

House: Brunswick Zone Hawthorn, Vernon Hills

Returning bowlers: Sr. Ashley Budziak (160), Jr. Kayla McNamara (168)

Newcomers: Fr. Shay Pechter (120), Fr. Emily Sontag (120), Sr. Abigail Daniels, Sr. Rinkey Shah

Coach Andra Dalton: "We're returning our entire varsity team from last year. Their experience will help us to a successful season. In addition, we have five freshmen on our team, all of whom have bowling experience."

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