Hoiberg: If any college coach says they enjoy recruiting, they're lying

Coach Fred Hoiberg has his hands full at Bulls training camp, but he is an interested observer when it comes to the latest NCAA basketball scandal.

Hoiberg spent five years as head coach at Iowa State before joining the Bulls. He came away from that experience with a strong complaint.

"I hated recruiting," Hoiberg said Friday. "If any coach in college says they enjoy recruiting, they're lying to you. It's tough. Obviously, there's a lot going on in college basketball right now. One thing that hopefully comes out of this is it cleans things up.

"When the Feds get involved, you've seen right now with (Louisville coach) Rick Pitino being let go and there's a lot of rumors and who knows what's going to happen with everything? But yeah, just following it the little amount I have, with everything we've got going here, it's a crazy time."

Hoiberg said sleaziness wasn't necessarily the No. 1 reason he didn't like recruiting, though it probably was a factor.

"No, I just hated going out," he said. "You always felt like there was so much to do with your team being on campus and when you have to go out, it takes away from your preparation, watching film, all that stuff.

"I know how important a part it is. It's the single most important part of college basketball is getting the talent in there. You're going to win the majority of your games if you have a talented roster. So I know how important it is, but again, I didn't love it. By the way, neither did any other coach I know."

Praise for Portis:

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg has had good things to say about third-year forward Bobby Portis so far during training camp. Hoiberg said the positive vibes go back to when the Bulls prepared for summer league in July.

"Yeah, Bobby's been terrific, really ever since we talked about participating in our summer league practices and he didn't even hesitate, where a lot of guys when they're going into year three, they think that might be a slap in the face when you ask somebody to do that," Hoiberg said.

"But he was here and he was leading. He was here the entire month of September. He's in great shape, as good a shape as anybody on our team right now. He's been good. He's increased his range on his shot, he's shooting the ball more comfortably, and he looks quicker."

Pointers from Pargo:

Point guard Kris Dunn credited head coach Fred Hoiberg for help with his outside shot. But the Bulls have another accomplished shooter in camp.

Former Bulls guard and Chicago native Jannero Pargo has signed on as an assistant coach with the Windy City Bulls. Pargo delivered one of the best "microwave" moments in franchise history when he came off the bench cold and drilled three 3-point baskets in the final 40 seconds of a 2005 playoff game against Washington.

"Jannero, he's been great. He's going to be with us all throughout this training camp," Hoiberg said. "He's got so much respect around the league. He had an 11-year (NBA) career and that gives you instant credibility and respect with these players when you can eke out that long of a playing career. Our guys, they've been great respecting Jannero and he's done a good job with our guys as well."

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