Can the Dolphins dream of the NFL playoffs with Cutler?

  • Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler (6) talks with quarterback Matt Moore (8) during an NFL football training camp, Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017, in Davie, Fla.

    Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler (6) talks with quarterback Matt Moore (8) during an NFL football training camp, Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017, in Davie, Fla.

Posted8/11/2017 5:19 AM

The frenzy after the signing of Jay Cutler by the Miami Dolphins was revealing and quite humorous.

I heard some nonsense from the usual suspects that the former Chicago Bears' quarterback would finally have some good pieces around him. I guess previous teammates such as Martellus Bennett, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey didn't count.


The Dolphins, however, did win 10 games last season under new coach and former Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase. But last year's schedule was easier, while this year's road looks to be more challenging for the Dolphins. It certainly isn't a cake walk!

And we shouldn't forget that the New England Patriots and Tom Brady own the AFC East division.

I'm predicting the Dolphins won't make the playoffs and will go 8-8 this season. Cutler will contribute to the wins. Like all "B" caliber quarterbacks, however, he also will cause some of the losses.

Cutler will tantalize the Dolphin fans with some pinpoint accuracy, then befuddle them with throws into double coverage.

I'm sure many of you reading this column are scoffing and think I'm just a hater. Not true. I'm an observer, and I know if Cutler manages to succeed in Miami the media and fans who fawned over him for years here in Chicago will feel vindicated.

And that would be nonsense!

The only reason he put up some seemingly big numbers with the Bears is a byproduct of the NFL's trend to pass more.

I still fall back on my original barometer for measuring his talent: Denver doesn't get rid of quarterbacks that might lead them to a Super Bowl, and the Broncos let Cutler go.

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I'll also be watching his behavior in the locker room as much as on the field.

Is there a chance that Cutler will do what Brett Favre did after he left the Packers and went to the Vikings?

Favre took the 2009 Vikings to the NFC Championship Game. And if Cutler can pull off a similar feat, I will give him his props, but he is not yet a proven closer.

Also, keep in mind that until recently Cutler was preparing to broadcast football games. Suddenly he is back on the field, so where will his head be?

There has been an ongoing curiosity about Cutler because he seems to possess some real talent, but he just can't win a playoff game. That could change this year, but I'm sticking with my prediction the Dolphins to finish 8-8 with Cutler.

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