Scott R. Gryder: 2022 candidate for 14th Congressional District


Party: Republican

Office sought: 14th Congressional District

City: Oswego

Age: 46

Occupation: Attorney

Previous offices held: Kendall County Board Chairman


Q: What is your reaction to the results so far presented by the committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol and what should Congress do next as a result of them?

A: Simply put, those who committed violence or conspired to commit violence must be held accountable in a court of law.

Q: What is America's role in foreign affairs, particularly related to two separate crises: Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Israel's conflict with the Palestinians.

A: I proudly support our American allies overseas. Unfortunately, the Biden administration's weak position on foreign policy and inability to stand up to Putin allowed him the opportunity to act against our interests. In Congress, I will support aid to Ukraine and Israel to ensure a future for our allies.

Regarding Israel, unfortunately some Americans are undermining our best ally in the middle east by their support of the radical BDS movement. I oppose the BDS causes being pushed by the radical left and will vote for legislation that restricts BDS policies in government. Furthermore, I would continue to support Iron Dome to ensure families and civilians are safe.

Standing strong with our allies is an American principle, and our support for them secures our position at home.

Q: Mass shootings at schools and public gatherings are generally a uniquely American phenomenon. What should Congress do to address the problem?

A: Shootings like the one in Highland Park and in other places across the country are horrific and my heart goes out to the victims' and their families. Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but we continually read crime and violent acts are on the rise. We need to take a deeper look at the problem and find solutions that will keep our families safe. Solutions include focusing on mental health, provide resources for those who are struggling, and provide better access to education for gun safety. My father took his own life and it was not the gun's fault, rather decades of depression and untreated PTSD. In Congress I will remain steadfast in my commitment to maintaining tough on crime policies that keep violent offenders in jail and will also support legislation that cracks down on gun violence and enhances punishments for straw man purchases.

Q: The Supreme Court has made it clear it considers abortion a states' rights issue and has suggested it may rule similarly on same-sex marriage and other social issues. What should the response be from Congress? How do you define whether such issues should be governed by federal authority or state authority?

A: The Supreme Court sent Roe to the states and put this decision back in the hands of Illinoisans. Illinois has been, and likely will remain a pro-choice state unless Illinois voters decide otherwise.

Q: Are you concerned about the impact of all the recent federal spending on inflation, and what is the role of Congress in managing the economy? If you favor spending cuts, where specifically would you want to see spending reduced?

A: Congress must stop the high tax, high regulation policies that are pushing costs higher and higher. Lauren Underwood's support of the Green New Deal and higher taxes, coupled with the reckless spending agenda from Biden and Pelosi is leaving working Americans under a tremendous amount of strain.

I will reign in inflation by repealing policies that hurt electric and utility prices, while working to stop reckless spending. Part of that starts with Congress doing its job and passing a budget, just like we do in Kendall County every year. We need to ensure wasteful spending and outdated programs are ferreted out or reformed rather than just throwing additional money at our problems.

Q: Are you confident that elections and voting access are free and fair in America? If not, why not and what should be done?

A: Americans have a right to free and fair elections, and every American should trust that their vote counts I am a strong supporter of transparency in counting election results and requiring a photo ID to vote. Both are common sense approaches that increase confidence in election outcomes and allow for citizens to observe the process in action.

Q: Whether your party is in the majority or the minority, what is the key to being a successful congressman and what are the characteristics about you that would make you successful?

A: "Success" in Congress should be determined by bettering the lives of your constituents and being responsive to their needs. On the County Board, I have prided myself in constituent services and working with our neighborhoods and communities to increase the quality of life in Kendall County. I will take the same "constituent first" approach to my congressional office and work tirelessly in Washington AND in the district.

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