Feder flashback: So you think you know Chicago television?

Editor's note: A version of this post first appeared on May 17, 2012.

So you think you know Chicago television? Match these phrases with the Chicago television personalities who made them famous. (Answers appear at the bottom):

1. How do you do, ladies and gentlemen?

2. Bozo's Circus is on the air!

3. The lively art of conversation.

4. Hey! Hey!

5. Take it easy, but take it.

6. Someone you should know.

7. Man on the Go.

8. Berwyn!

9. Peace.

10. Whoosh!

11. That ball had eyes.

12. I am really, really miserable.

13. Holy cow!

14. I thought I was on the fo'c'sle of a tramp steamer.

15. You get a car, you get a car ... everybody gets a car!

16. Laugh your troubles away.

17. The balcony is closed.

18. Love, peace and soul.

19. Bye, bye, byeeee!

20. And I am Len O'Connor.

a) Dick "Two Ton" Baker

b) Jack Brickhouse

c) Harry Caray

d) Don Cornelius

e) Alex Dreier

f) John Drummond

g) Fahey Flynn

h) Dave Garroway

i) Walter Jacobson

j) Rich Koz

k) Irv Kupcinet

l) Ned Locke

m) Len O'Connor

n) Harry Porterfield

o) Ray Rayner

p) Bruce Roberts

q) Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert

r) Studs Terkel

s) Harry Volkman

t) Oprah Winfrey

The answers: (1) g; (2) l; (3) k; (4) b; (5) r; (6) n; (7) e; (8) j; (9) h; (10) s; (11) p; (12) i; (13) c; (14) f; (15) t; (16) a; (17) q; (18) d; (19) o; (20) m

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