New parking limits for trucks, RVs proposed in South Barrington

South Barrington village officials are finalizing stricter rules for parking commercial trucks and recreational vehicles in town.

Under the proposed regulations, no commercial trucks - regardless of whether they're emblazoned with a company name or logo - could be stored or parked on any residential property except in enclosed garages.

Current village code bans truck parking of any kind on residential properties of less than 5 acres.

As for RVs, if the proposal is adopted, parking similarly will be forbidden on any residential property - not just those less than 5 acres - except in enclosed garages.

Temporary exceptions would apply, however.

The current parking rules include a 48-hour exemption for loading recreational vehicles, and that would continue. But under the new proposal, such parking would be allowed only four times each year, and the stays would have to be at least one week apart.

An existing rule limiting outdoor RV parking or storage to two weeks per year on dates that are at least six months apart would remain in place.

South Barrington's plan commission agreed Thursday to recommend the village board approve the changes.

The board is expected to review the proposal at its Sept. 9 meeting.

Mayor Paula McCombie hopes the proposed changes will clarify the rules for residents and visitors. Village hall has received occasional complaints about truck parking in residential neighborhoods and RVs being parked for lengthy periods, she said.

The proposed changes follow code amendments for cargo, utility and storage trailers this spring.

"We've been going through the codes," McCombie said. "We're really going through everything."

Parking rules for recreational vehicles vary by community.

In Mundelein, for example, RVs can be parked only on residential properties if they're less than 32 feet long and 12 feet high and aren't used for living or sleeping on the property, among other rules. Arlington Heights has similar restrictions.

Rules for truck parking differ, too.

In Vernon Hills, commercial vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds or that are more than 20 feet long can't be parked in residential areas unless they're being loaded or unloaded - and time limits apply in those cases. In Prospect Heights, only one commercial vehicle is allowed to park on a driveway at a time, among other restrictions.

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