Dig deep into candidates, issues with our ballot builder

Daily Herald staff report
Updated 11/2/2020 9:40 AM

If you're looking for information about this year's elections, turn to dailyherald.com/election.

There you will find the news coverage you've come to expect on the races, plus a new set of features that is a joint project between the Daily Herald, Shaw Media and BallotReady:


What you're voting on

Fill in your address and you'll be given a sample ballot specific to you. From U.S. president down to your county board race and any local referendums. You can print or email your sample ballot to yourself for easy reference.

Candidate info

You'll find information on the candidates, their positions on issues, Zoom interviews, newspaper and other endorsements.

Judging the judges

Info on judicial candidates, including retention and ratings.

Plain language

Mystified by the graduated income tax question? We provide pro and con arguments.

Mail-in ballots

Apply right here for a mail-in ballot.

Vote in person

Sign up to be notified when your polling place has been finalized.

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