Warrant: Carpentersville man fatally shot had 27 small bags of heroin in drug deal gone bad

  • Devon Coleman

    Devon Coleman

  • Joel V. Leitner

    Joel V. Leitner

  • Phillip Walker

    Phillip Walker

Updated 6/18/2020 5:25 PM

Police found 27 small bags of heroin and other drugs on a man who was shot and killed last week at a Carpentersville apartment complex in an apparent drug deal gone bad, according to a search warrant.

Three men, two of whom had more than $750 on them, are charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jordan Durr, 27, of Carpentersville, who was found mortally wounded the night of June 8 on the 0-100 block of Oxford Road in the Fox View apartment complex, and who died from a bullet to his heart and lung, according to Kane County court records and a recently unsealed search warrant.


Devon C. Coleman, 17, of East Dundee; Phillip Walker, 17, of Carpentersville; and Joel V. Leitner, 22, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, each face three counts of first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery.

Coleman and Walker are charged as adults. Both face a sentence ranging from 20 to 60 years in prison if convicted of murder, plus an additional 25 years in prison if a jury or judge determines who fired the fatal shot.

Police obtained search warrants for cellphones of each defendant and have a search warrant for Coleman's DNA.

"Drug deals commonly take place in parking lot areas because they are well populated and easier to blend in," a police officer wrote in the search warrant. "Officers believe Joel V. Leitner, Phillip Walker, and Devon Coleman, had arranged to meet with Jordan."

According to the warrant, police responded at 9:10 p.m. to a report of a man on the ground who appeared to be dead. Police found a .40-caliber pistol, an open wallet, keys, a watch, phone charger and other items near his body, according to the warrant. Officers saw Leitner, Walker and Coleman standing near Leitner's 2008 gray Ford Mustang and ordered them to put their hands up.

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Before surrendering, Leitner placed a 9 mm Smith & Wesson handgun on the ground, along with his phone, which had a map application open showing he drove from the 600 block of River Haven Drive in East Dundee to the Oxford location, according to the warrant.

All three men refused to answer questions, but police found surveillance video from Dundee-Crown High School.

According to the warrant, the video shows Durr approach the passenger's side of the Mustang. "Jordan opens the passenger door and an altercation follows, Jordan can be seen standing upright before flinching and running away. Jordan collapses at the rear of a nearby dumpster where he remained until (police) arrived."

The video also shows the three defendants running south from the Mustang, according to the warrant, but "they return to the vehicle but then walk over to Jordan's body and manipulate it several times, After several moments of back and forth between Jordan's body and the vehicle, officers arrive on the scene."

Durr died at a hospital at 10 p.m. Authorities found 27 small bags in his underwear, each containing a half gram of heroin/fentanyl, along with eight individually wrapped pressed pills that tested positive for methamphetamine and 2.5 grams of marijuana in his pants, according to the warrant.


Officers found $752 on Walker after he was arrested. Authorities found $350 in Coleman's left pocket and $441 in his right pocket, according to the warrant.

An autopsy showed that Durr died of a single shot to his heart and lung and a 9 mm bullet was recovered from his body, the warrant said.

Carpentersville Police Chief Michael Kilbourne could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday.

Leitner is held at the Kane County jail on $750,000 bail, meaning he must post $75,000 to be released while the case is pending. Coleman and Walker are held at the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center on $500,000 bail each. All three are due in court Friday.

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